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By Emily Mandagie

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By Ashley Taylor

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By Yasmine Daisy

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Are Toxins Making You Gain Weight?

By Julie Daniluk

Understanding Love

By Johanna Sparrow

Divorce Houses, Ghosts and Unseen Detrimental Energy Patterns in your Homes

By Adrian Incledon-Webber

Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps

By Kathleen Gonzalez

The USA’s top altitude training venues

By Elizabeth Egan

Thoughts on Pendulum Dowsing Part II

By Dan Baldwin

Grappling with Family History through Creative NonFiction

By Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Thoughts on Pendulum Dowsing – Part I

By Dan Baldwin

How To Get Any Child to Love Reading!

By Fiona Ingram

Pagan Journeys

By Susie Kearley

Mother In Laws Who Break-Up Marriages

By Johanna Sparrow

Mental Health vs. Mental Illness

By Jim Melanson

Ethical Vegans and Human Rights in the Workplace

By Jim Melanson

The myth of the norm, and the mess it’s made.

By Chirag Patel


By General Hartsfield

That’s “John” Ringo

By Dan Baldwin

Stop Dating Liars

By Johanna Sparrow

The Trouble With Vampires (aka Vampire and Zombies and Werewolves! Oh my!)

By Antony J. Stanton

The Next Step for Career Readiness

By Lisa Vento Nielsen


By Sahara Sanders

Shattered to the Core

By Charlotte Ann

Entrepreneur-ING Your Career with The Next Step

By Lisa Vento Nielsen

The Book on College Readiness

By Lisa Vento Nielsen

So What About Women?

By Tarek Refaat

A Psychic’s Call To Law Enforcement

By Dan Baldwin

Reframe Your ADHD Traits to Totally Crush Life and Career

By Patricia Lloyd

What is Feelings Intelligence and How Does it Make Us More Powerful?

By Walt Froloff

“It’s Time to Redefine Beauty”

By Kathleen Gonzalez

In Her Own Tongue: “Buddug” Brings Boudicca’s Story To Wales

By Laurel A. Rockefeller

Nongae of Love and Courage

By Evan Mahoney

Actor Being: A Role in Mankind

By Tiago Lameiras

Coach Carvalho’s Basketball Offensive System

By Walter Carvalho


By Duane Huff

Putting humanity back into history

By Chirag Patel

Dr. Evan Mahoney’s Fountain of Youth Stretching Series

By Evan Mahoney

Why Do We See Anything?

By William Adams

10 Ways OCD and Depression Changed My Life (And 5 Reasons You Should Buy the eBook I Wrote About It)

By Madison Sonnier

The Way, My Way // why I wrote the book…

By Bill Bennett

How to Open Your Heart Bruised Conscious Connection? by Johanna Sparrow

By Johanna Sparrow

The Artful Traveller: The Flâneur’s Guidebook

By David Tuffley

Bullies in The Family

By Johanna Sparrow

The Dream Books

By Evan Mahoney

Healing Starts Within

By Johanna Sparrow

Right livelihood, not only a Buddhist tenet

By Jack Lander

Undisturbed: A Guide To Emotional Wellness

By Adam Oakley

In Defense of Words

By Susan Daley

The Practical Pendulum – A Swinger’s Guide

By Dan Baldwin

An Afternoon with the Author of “In Living Ink”

By Elisa Fasulo

The Greatest Log Jam Ever

By Edna Curry

“Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” and “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series

By Evan Mahoney

Healing a Hurting Heart

By Johanna Sparrow

Intro to Fengshui Applications of Yima

By Pinky Toky

I’m in Love with a Commitment Phobe

By Johanna Sparrow

“Synchronicities” the book

By Nancy Fletcher Huber

The long Tradition of Belief in Extrasolar Worlds

By Sylvia Engdahl

Love is Beautiful, but at What Cost?

By Johanna Sparrow



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