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Are you stuck in a pattern or habit that is holding you back?

My name is Ashley, and my mission is to empower and inspire, enhancing peoples ability to heal themselves, live a passion-based life, and ignite a ripple effect that transforms the world. I am a Certified Health Coach, Attuned Reiki Master and author of the book Be The Change: Your Guide to Elemental Growth. In this book I personally guide you through a year of transformation using nature’s natural cycles – by attuning yourself to the moon cycles, eating seasonal foods and aligning to your circadian rhythm you can create the sustainable health and lifestyle changes you desire

After transforming my own family karma, childhood traumas and addictions using plants, self-love and aligning to nature’s secret messages I went on to study the chakras, herbology, permaculture, integrative nutrition, hormone health become Holistic Practitioner, Health Coach, and Author. I received much of my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and work with those who are ready to embrace change through nature, love, food and movement.

I believe I am a creative person, we all have that place where we get lost in flow and writing is like that for me. I am inspired by comics like Joe Rogan, lectures by Terence McKenna, and books by some of the greats like Rosemary Gladstar & Doreen Virtue. what inspires me the most, however, are stories from my clients, friends and other books – stories about acceptance, love and transformation.

When dealing with a creative block I turn to my three-year-old. I unplug and get on the floor to play with him, or we go for a walk outdoors. Sometimes I take these walks alone, sometimes these walks turn into dancing on the streets or running as far as my heart will allow, but regardless, stepping away helps drive the creative process. It allows time to reflect, accept new stimulation and approach your project with fresh energy and mindset.

The biggest mistakes you can make in a book are: not believing in yourself or your message, seeking perfection over progress, losing momentum, seeking approval from others, and quitting!

My tips on choosing titles and covers would be to find three books in a store or library that resonate with you and your mission most. Chances are if you pick it you audience would too. Use these as a template for drawing your own, make a couple and ask your audience to help you decide. I painted mine, digitalized it and added some extra stuff that I thought would enhance my artwork. If your not artsy or tech-savvy maybe an app like Canva would be best for you or hiring a freelancer who is strong in this area.

Bad reviews and negative feedback happens, you cannot please everyone and why would you want to live up to that pressure? Release it, send the person some good vibes and move on because changes are the negativity is in them and has nothing to do with you, you serve a bigger purpose, that why you wrote this book.

My business is called elemental growth because we’re always changing and growing with the times. We improve with feedback, with each program, client, blog, and day. We live for progress, not perfection, and because of this, we can enjoy this wild ride.

The best thing to happen to me during my writing process was working with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the coaches guided me through most everything and the community supported my process. The worst thing to happen in this time was getting no-reply from some of the influencers that I had hoped would get involved with the promotion of my pre-sale. The most surprising thing I encountered while completing my book was how I pulled it off and continue to walk through my fears with grace.

I tend towards personal satisfaction and wrote this book originally as a manual for my own life. There is a lot of interest around my story and lifestyle so I create this guide for anyone else interested in taking an elemental growth journey.

Emotions drive creativity and both stem from the sacral chakra, the water element! When you clear your sacral chakra, balance your physical and mental desires, as well as emotional wellbeing your creative energies will flow with ease. Sometimes when emotions are flowing uncontrollably it can be a sign that we are holding something back, using a creative outlet like writing is a safe place to release this energy.

Julia Cameron teaches the art of creativity through the use of morning pages – I have adapted this ritual into my morning and recommend it to everyone whether they are a writer by nature or not, for the benefits go far beyond the book.

As for future books I have 4 seasonal planners coming your way, these include; seasonal shopping guides, plant-powered recipes, activities, guided journaling, moon rituals, accountability tips and more. I am also working on another book very dear to my heart titled A Fractal Existence. In this book, I tell more of my story – stuff about growing up, waking up and my backpacking experience through 3 countries in South American with only a backpack full of seeds and stones, and my own intuition to guide me. I teach more about natures secret messages, family karma and biohacking health and happiness into your core.

A Little More About Me
↠ I am a single mother to a very happy and healthy toddler named Fynn
↠ I am most passionate about personal growth and using plants as food & medicine
↠ I am an advocate for conscious expanding fungi, cactus and plants
↠ I eat a plant-based diet which includes a rainbow of colours and excludes many toxins found in the SAD diet
↠ I went to college the first time for Hospitality and Tourism, then spent over a decade working in the industry – from top golf courses to dive bars, healthy to convenient, Tim Horton’s supervisor to sales for Labatt and Diego, I did it!
↠ I am a certified Reiki Master, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Hormone Health Coach, and Coaching Master
↠ I have lived in one new place each year of my 20’s – including four Canadian provinces and New York state
↠ I backpacked through Bogota Columbia, climbed a mountain in Sopó, partied in Montanita, road a bus along the coast of Ecuador and into the Sacred Peruvian Rainforest with no phone, map or clue of what I was in for
↠ My personal dream is to own a homestead that seconds as an Airbnb where I can model permaculture. I have a vision of teaching a food forest school and partnering with WWOOF
↠ The craziest thing on my bucket list is to hold global retreats on each of the planets energy centers during the summer & winter solstice – The first is Shasta Mountains in California, 12 locations in total

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