Divorce Houses, Ghosts and Unseen Detrimental Energy Patterns in your Homes

Divorce houses, ghosts and unseen detrimental energy patterns in your homes
by Adrian Incledon-Webber

During the twenty-five years that I ran my own estate agency business in the south west of Surrey, England I had access to a large number of properties, many of which were successfully sold whilst others, for some reason were not.

I was always intrigued by the houses that we couldn’t sell, obviously there were standard reasons for instance that the house was on a busy road or close to the railway, in bad repair, wrong area and so on but what about the houses that, on the surface, looked perfect but buyers rejected them.

By reducing the asking price drastically, a house might then attract a purchaser but sometimes even that wouldn’t work.

Then they were the divorce houses!

Individual properties that were repeatedly coming onto the market due to couples getting divorced. This pattern was often repeated every three years, sometime sooner. A couple splitting up selling their home to unsuspecting buyers who, in turn, fell foul of the detrimental energy patterns in the house and found themselves in exactly the same situation a number of years later.

It wasn’t until I left the business that I was able to carry out further research into these and other tragic houses. Once you started looking the repeating patterns were there for all to see, but you had to be aware of the problems in the first place. I am not just talking about divorce houses, there were also alcoholic houses, those prone to schizophrenia, bright children suddenly experiencing learning difficulties in their new home and so on.

How sad then that we, as humans, can be so influenced by other people’s emotional patterns, inherited from all the past owners of a house. To be so affected by the strife, arguments and stress left behind by the divorcing couple that you find yourself reacting differently to your family, you become irritable for no reason and your thoughts begin to change.

That is the reason why Dowsing Spirits was created. I wanted to find a way of clearing or healing houses of all their old energy patterns, a form of ‘spiritual spring cleaning’ if you like, enabling a family to move into their new home and live happily. Not to be affected by anything detrimental that might have been left behind by the last occupiers.
I had been training with a number of healers whilst still running my business and it soon became apparent that the commercial world of estate agency didn’t mix well with my newly found pathway. John Benedict, a renowned mystic and palmist, introduced me to the esoteric world of spirituality and healing, little did I know where it would lead!

I was led like the proverbial lamb to the slaughter, I didn’t see where this new direction would take me until one day I looked up and found myself so far down the spiritual pathway that I couldn’t come back, even if I had wanted to.

I started to accumulate more and more knowledge, books were devoured, courses were attended and then I met Andy Roberts, a well-known and respected healer, who helped me put a lot of what I had learned into some semblance of order, his insights and wisdom helped me formulate what I wanted to do and for this I will be ever grateful.

It started to become obvious that my knowledge of houses could easily be combined with the healing skills that I had developed so I began to work on unsuspecting family members and their houses!

That was almost ten years ago now, since then I have worked on hundreds of people and their homes worldwide bringing relief from what is generally referred to as ‘geopathic stress’, ‘Geo’ the Greek word for Earth and ‘pathic’ (pathos) literally meaning illness produced by Mother Earth.

But there is so much more to Geopathic Stress than that! In fact, when I am carrying out a healing on a family and house I work through 47 separate questions, from ghosts to curses, water veins to earth energy lines, ley lines to energy spirals and much in between.

However, one of the biggest and most extreme problems that we all come across in our lives are detrimental human emotions that you will find everywhere you sit, sleep, visit, walk and linger.

To me, they are one of the main reason behind the ‘divorce house syndrome’, all the pent up anger, hurt, arguments, hatred, jealousy, tears, heartache and so on that most separating couples and their children go through literally pervades the house, it sinks into the floors, the walls, the carpets and furniture ready to start influencing the next couple who move in.

As a child I was acutely aware, on coming home from school, that my parents had arguing during the day, even if it was hours beforehand or they had resolved whatever the problem had been. The atmosphere had somehow changed, it felt heavy and dark, not norm in our house by any means. I certainly didn’t like it and tried to ignore this ‘gift’ that I had been given, or curse depending on which way you look at it!

So clearing one’s home of all past or stuck human emotion is a good thing to do regularly as other family members, friends, tradespeople when visiting will all leave their ‘imprint’ behind that can cause you problems, especially if you are a sensitive. Our own energy patterns are fine for us but can be very detrimental to others as they will not be vibrating at the same level as us.

If you want to feel these unseen energy patterns walk into a church or hospital, sit down and see how you feel after a few minutes. They are both huge dumping grounds for human emotion and, depending on where you are on the sensitive scale, you could begin to feel a weight pressing down on your head or shoulders, perhaps the beginnings of a headache or an anxiety attack. The feelings are different for each of us.

Your subconscious will, unknowingly, pick up on these unseen detrimental energy patterns and be saying ‘Get me out of here as soon as possible’, the conscious mind will probably not be as aware and be more concerned with the colour of the walls!

Lost souls or ghosts can play a major part in how relaxed or at home you feel in your own house. They can spread melancholy, sadness, irritability, insomnia, bad dreams etc through the family and also affect your pets.

They may never have known you when they were alive, been in or lived in your home in the past and are often drawn in by your energy patterns, especially if you have young children or pubescent teenagers! They just love the roller coaster ride of human emotion.

They are often as unaware of you as you are of them, I rarely find a house that hasn’t got one or more unpaying house guests, once found they are normally easy to deal with, sometimes they need coxing but generally once they see ‘the light’ they are off.

I have been teaching courses on Geopathic Stress for several years now and kept being asked ‘When are you going to write a book about all the problems people face in their daily lives, work and at home?’, so I did. Heal Your Home was self-published in October 2013 after being let down by two of the major publishing houses here in the UK, and I am so glad that I went that route. It is a book that I wanted to write, the way that I wanted it to be written and not reworded by someone who hasn’t a spiritual bone I their body!

The book is in three parts, the first is an introduction to the spiritual world, it includes chapters on dowsing, beliefs, healing, why we are affected by these unseen energy patterns, angels, earth energies and much more. The second part is a detailed description of what these noxious energies actually are, how they affect us, how to go about finding them, what to look for on a daily basis and detailed case studies.

The final part, and the most important is the final section and this is an in depth look at how to go about healing the problems that you have found. There are so many ‘healing or spiritual’ books out there that tell you what problems you have but never offer a cure or advice on how to help yourself. It seems that people don’t like giving away their ‘trade secrets’. It was important to me to give members of the public a book that goes the whole way, for them too able to do a lot of the healing work themselves.

Heal Your Home is as much about healing the people who live in the house as much as working on the house itself. If you have regular healing or therapy and find that you feel so much better until you arrive home, then the environment in which you live in is more than likely your problem.

The body, mind and spirit is affected by others, Masaru Emoto proved that water holds emotion, it is therefore entirely natural that we will be influenced by other people’s emotions, good or bad, during the course of our waking day as our bodies contain around 60% to 65% water!

In fact, they can also present a problem during our sleeping periods, depending on where you are lying down. You leave traces (energy patterns) of yourself wherever you are or have been, this is especially true when in bed. If you slept badly, for whatever reason, the night before then those memories will be stored as bed patterns and could affect the next night’s sleep and so on.

Let us take a hotel room for example, you don’t know who slept in that bed the previous night do you? If they were a happy person then great but if the suffered from nightmares, were very stressed or even depressed then those are the memories that your relaxed body and mind will pick up on. Not idea for a good night’s sleep!

So the book is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) manual, the more aware of what can affect you in a detrimental way the better, being clear of all these detrimental patterns and noxious geopathic stress means that you can live a happier and healthier life.

Sleep, the body’s time to repair and heal itself, will come naturally. Being free from external interference you should begin to wake up refreshed and ready to start the day with more energy and vigour than you have had in the past.

The feedback from many of my readers has been so good and complimentary that I am now writing my second book, a follow up to Heal Your Home I. It will contain a list of further questions that have come to me since I published the first book. It will also contain chapters on animal healing and how your business can be affected by other people and the detrimental energies coming from geopathic stress.

My website explains in greater detail what I do as a house healer and describes the full effects of geopathic stress. I have worked on hundreds of clients worldwide from my home in the Yorkshire Dales with great success, I also have a section on my website that shows some client feedback for your interest.

Signed copies of my book are available via my website or from Amazon. Also available on Kindle and Smashwords.

Website: www.dowsingspirits.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Amazon (UK): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Heal-Your-Home

Amazon (US): https://www.amazon.com/Heal-Your-Home-clearing-detrimental
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