Do You Have The Courage to Stop, Start, Continue or Change Your Life?

By Kass Thomas

One of my most beloved topics of discussion- transforming you into the best version of you. Before we begin, let’s consider this question- Does it take courage to change your life?

Changing yourself requires making a series of decisions that are not your default choices. If you have been living a certain way of life, your body and mind creates natural reactions to situations and people. Once you decide to change your life, you need to start consciously making decisions that are not natural, not automatic, and do not come with relative ease. Courage is involved when we make choices that do not come to us with ease, so it is required when we decide to change our lives and transform us to the best possible version of us.

Like all changes, the first step is to recognize and be aware of when and if we must change the way we are living. How do we do that? These are some guiding questions that might be helpful-

– Are you content and satisfied?

– Do you feel that you are more present in your heart, or more present in your mind?

– Are you constantly judging yourself and the choices you are making?

If you find yourself answering that you are content, that you choose with your heart over your mind, and that you are free from judgement, congratulations! You are doing awesome. If not, then it is possible for you to get there, with a little self reflection and some courage.

Another way you know you need a change is when you are not a 100% convinced with the decision you are taking. If you have a choice to work with a poor home or work with a rich company, be sure to to make the choice you are convinced with. For example, if you choose to work with the poor, make sure it is the happiest poor home ever, and that you are doing your best to help them. Similarly, if you are not 100% convinced with a situation which could be a career, a relationship or even where to go for dinner, realize that you need to stop and think. What would it take to make a decision that you are a 100% convinced with?

But living your best life does not just mean abandoning everything you have done so far, and what you practice presently. It means having the courage to be able to see your reality for what it is and make a choice to either Stop, Start, Continue or Change your life.

1. Stopping

When we are in a motion, we find it difficult to stop, look around and observe. Reviewing a situation is hard, because it creates the possibility of a bad review. As individuals, we want to have faith in the choice we took earlier that has led us to be where we are today. But we must find the courage to stop and look around.

Is the choice we made earlier benefiting us now?

Can we be in a better place?

Asking these questions helps us to avoid being at the end of the road, our shoulders heavy with the weight of the dreadful “What if?”

2. Starting

Starting something new requires courage and faith. It requires us to begin, and be ready for the possibility of stopping if the situation is not favourable any longer.

3. Continue

Sometimes, it is easier for us to drop what we are currently doing, because it seems harder at the moment. We need to realise that a hard choice right now could lead to a beautiful life in the near future.

4. Change

To change does not mean to change completely. We must realise the aspects of our life that require change, and those that need to be left untouched. Our lives are a series and mixture of choices that lead to the grand result. Choose that permutation of decisions that leads you to the result where you are the best version that you could be of yourself.

It is also important to remember that transforming your life is a gradual process that is the result and sum of smaller choices. Every little thing adds up to make a grand change. All we need to do is review the universe for all the opportunities it offers us. If you see an opening you like, go and grab it. Find what inspires you to not just exist but truly live.

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