How to Open Your Heart Bruised Conscious Connection?

UnlockingyourFRONTBy Johanna Sparrow

Life offers us all many different paths to the same spiritual place that we all seek. There are many journeys and millions of ways to get there, but who am I kidding not everyone seeks out wanting a higher self and life takes you through loop holes that never end. How do you plan to gain what it is you have never thought you needed or wanted? Where does the desire to search beyond yourself truly stem from? How many others are on this same road to learning more about a self they were never taught existed? The keys are within us all, we have the desire and the power to channel into depths of those things that are not seen with the human eye, things you never thought existed. And who is responsible for this wealth of spiritual knowledge of awakening of oneself? The truth is following the call to seek deep within is not for the faint of heart, many people ignore the calling or seek it as something strange they would rather not entertain. Once you start seeking for the things beyond this reality, you begin the process of the Heart Bruised Conscious Connection. There are times when life is treating us bad or good, there is no in-between. Whatever stage you find yourself in, there you will find a lesson for sure. Life can teach you what others can’t and sometimes those lessons are harsh. You’ve gone out of your way to help others and in return receive a slap in the face. Somehow, birth is just as synonymous as death you are born into a place you can’t remember as time goes by, yet the celebration of life is the same to its twin, death? How can we begin to understand the doors we must travel through in order to obtain a true understanding of the life and lessons we have been given in this reality?

Life can prepare you for lots of things, but when it comes to what path you must take or the people in which you must journey with, the vision of your Heart Bruised Conscious Connection in forever parallel in the axis of you both. You must obey the choice you’ve been given and the path and journey you selected to take without fear or regret. Only you can make sense of your own reality as it applies to the lessons and life teachers you must learn from.

 Which Door Should I Go Through?

There are three doors that we in this reality have been presented with and neither door is the same for you, either choose one and reject the others, but you can never enter two doors at one time which is life’s ultimate design for mankind. Whatever it is you are going through, there is a universal timer that connects you to each and every experience and although you may want to avoid the worst of it, you can’t. Everything you see, feel and go through is meant to take you through a level of understanding why we are here, and do what we do. Someone must bare those nasty and unpleasant events that life so often throws our way. You know the life events that crush your soul and heart causing you great loss. We simply all can’t take the path of beautiful experience since life is meant to make you smile, laugh, cry and want to die.

What you fail to understand is that tragedy gives you a wider perspective on life, while crushing your heart, but you are not meant to stay in those emotions. Learning how to deliver yourself out of what feels like a hell hole is just the beginning of unlocking your Heart Bruised Conscious Connection if you will it so. You are not meant to stay in one place although you have the mindset to relive it, learn how to move on mentally, physically and emotionally leaving none of you behind in tragic moments.

Life Teachers Are Everywhere?

I was once told as a little girl that life is the greatest teacher to any lesson one must learn and I find that to be true still today. Nothing on earth or in this reality prepares you like life teachers. A life teacher is a lesson you are meant to learn, which for some are repeat lessons, since they have not connected the dots or learned what they need to in order to move to the next level. These lessons can be calm or rage, but whatever shows up in your reality or life is meant to do so and it’s your job to know why. Why am I hurting so much? Why can’t I find love? Why does it seem as if all of the negative things in the world are laid at my feet? Why because you have not learned what you need to in order to move on. Hate can bring about compassion and forgiveness or the worst of what you’ve experienced. It’s your choice on how to respond, but the wrong answer will only allow those life lessons who are really life teachers to beat you up again. Can you make stop? How far is too far? Those answers are truly up to you and what’s inside of you needing to be released. Life has a way of showing you truly what you are if indeed you are a monster. The last one is always the first to learn this truth. Would you still have the same amount of compassion that you so easily speak of having when your finger is on the trigger and you feel that you’ve been wronged? This is what life lessons teach you that you are more than you see and it’s those teacher’s jobs to sharpen you into to the being you are meant to be. We all receive the same teachers at different stages in life, some of us move on to the next level while other lives come to an end. Death is not just the ending of one’s life, but it’s also the ending of one’s ability to move on, to learn. What may be hard labor too you is easy living for someone else, it’s all in how you perceive it. Open your eyes to see what’s really going on around you so that you make the right decisions when you have to face hurt and pain. Below is just a few of life lessons that enter your reality:

  • Hurt
  • Pain
  • Loss
  • Confusion

You simply must do what you planted in your heart you will do if anything was to happen. Life has a way of making you eat those words of yours if you aren’t careful. Don’t profess to have a heart of gold when you really have a heart of stone or a heart of stone when you truly have a heart of gold. It’s not the wicked man you should fear, but the gentle one with nice and sweet words. That type of person is dangerous, just they don’t know it and life will show them how far they would go if they don’t open their eyes. Be conscious of your heart and what you are going through by not saying what you will or won’t do. Stay true to the fact that every day is a new lesson and those lessons can go from positive to negative in seconds. Be prepared for how you ought to react and would want to react if that is the case. Know that you are responsible for your answer when life lesson starts knocking. No matter what situation you find yourself in stay away from hate or it will surely consume you and there may never be a next time to react.

The power in anger is choosing to not use it or allow it to take over whatever it is you are feeling. Know when it’s time to act and never get caught in a position of over reacting. They say the hardest teacher to learn from is forgiveness and compassion and the easiest is hurt and pain. You must fine-tune your heart or the worse of life’s teachers will do it for you. In the end you have the say so to how you answer a life teacher, so answer them with compassion and forgiveness and you will see many more life lessons to come.

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