Love is Beautiful, but at What Cost?

By Johanna Sparrow

To capture love in another human being is comparable to taking a snapshot of what is coming. That said, many of us may not have found that special person to share our life with yet, but for those of us who have, the feeling is unequal to anything we’ve ever experienced. I mean how does one love someone so much while sharing a connection is amazing. Life can prepare you for many things, such as hurt and pain, but when looking to attract love, learn that it can’t teach you, it must show you the experience of wonderful love. A bond with someone outside of yourself for many is the same as that of an outer body experience, let’s just say you won’t regret it! Love costs and for a few it’s more than they expected, but well worth it. While most people lavish in love others take it as it goes leaving nothing in return, they can’t get enough of the other person. To be without that person in your life, well that just makes little sense for lovers. Being in love differs from loving someone as you know, connecting with someone is much stronger. When you experience being in love, bonded with that of love, you attract love in its purest form.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

You must keep your mind, hands and attention focused, this may not always be easy since love costs much more than you realize. If you are self-centered love will have a difficult time getting through which says, you won’t experience love, but lust. It comes in fast and burns out in no time, love does not do that. A relationship in the middle of true love sees the other person as themselves. Don’t expect this from wanting to be in love. Relationships are similar to smoke or fire; you are experiencing it or you are not. Selfishness has no desire to love outside of one’s self.

What Makes a Love Connection Strong?

For many who can’t find love or experience love it’s a rarity, you must seek it within yourself When you are in love, it has more to do with sharing a connection, a bond more than anything else. Not having them in your life makes little sense and no matter how much time you spend together it’s never enough for both people. The willingness to allow yourself to want to love another human being as much as yourself is what I am explaining here. Have you found that special person? Your love is unique in its own way which means no two experiences are the same, you fall in love for many reasons. Life is not as wonderful if that person is not in your life that’s the feeling you get.
For many relationships it’s the love shared and time spent together, no more no less. Still for whatever reason, love has joined you together with another which says tons relating to you. As you know, not everyone gets to love or experience love at its purest level. Here is the scoop, love costs which means you will make sacrifices. When you are no longer acting as an individual in love, it exists. Below is a list of what love is not attracted too:

o Selfishness
o Insecurity
o Trust issues
o Fear

A oneness mindset or wish to get a life partner to share your life with is what attracts love to many who want it. Those individuals that resemble the above list should notice that selfishness and selflessness cannot coexist. So if you are looking to unite with someone and share the experience of love, open your heart. Move your wants and desires regarding yourself to the end of the line. Below is a list of the qualities love is attracted too:

o Selflessness
o Honesty
o Belief in Love
o Want to love outside of one’s self.
o Trust, love and the its experience.

The more you open your soul to love and letting it understand that you will share your world, love will open its doors for you. Love has no problem driving the relationship and your heart, you need to allow it. Show no fear in the face of wanting something as precious as love or it will leave you where you stand. The best relationships are based on these few principles stated.

With that said anyone can love, but experiencing true love will take you letting go of your fears, selfishness and insecurities of getting hurt while trusting only in love.

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