By Duane Huff

Top 6 Ways Mercury Retrograde Impacts Performers

Several times a year, Mercury moves past the earth as it orbits, and when it does, it slows and appears to stop then go backwards. This is the retrograde phase and because Mercury rules communications, travel, and in this modern world, technology, those fields can take a hit.

But what does Mercury Retrograde mean to musicians, performers, and those in the creative arts fields:

  1. People are far less patient with each other. Mix in creative minds and feelings and the misunderstandings can and will escalate.
  1. Paperwork, contracts and written communications should be checked and then checked again. If you’re dealing with percentages and residuals, copyrights, and intellectual ownership… check it again.
  1. Technology everywhere takes a break: this can mess with travel schedules, bookings, reservations systems etc. Equipment malfunctions happen more often, electronic glitches surface. In general this may cause problems with touring, recording, stage performances (lighting, sound), and anything you rely on to do what you do.
  1. Taking a new gig or changing gigs is not advised during Mercury Retrograde, so delay this if possible. The issue here is with the transfer of information needed to make a good for you decision. Has everything you need to know been brought to the table? Is it the truth?
  1. Sometimes people from your past re-appear. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad. Sometimes it fuels your imagination, sometimes it sucks the life out of your creative fire. Sometimes it’s nothing at all… but you’ll need to experience it to find out.
  1. Equipment purchases should also be delayed – from large pieces (vehicles) to small (cell phone). The wheels probably won’t fall off the bus but it’s hard to keep touring when your transport quits, or to book a gig if your means of communication won’t turn on…and then when it does, all your contacts have been erased.

It’s not all bad though because if we use this Universe sent period of slowdown we can revisit projects that we may have started and not finished, or simply spend time reflecting on life direction and purpose. Remember though, starting new projects during this time could stall or stop the execution of even a well-inspired dream. Plan but don’t hit the start button till the retrograde period has passed.

Musician’s Horoscopes … by a Musician for Musicians
Musician’s Horoscopes …by a Musician for Musicians

If you’re a fan of Astrology, and a performer, you already know that the Horoscopes you find out there are not written for you. You’re not going to rest up after your work day is done, or spend a quiet weekend with friends and family — you’re going to be out there and up there on stage working.

Creative people are different and they need a different angle to operate from.   Each Zodiac sign needs and wants specific things to fuel their passionate voice. Musician’s Horoscopes … by a Musician for Musicians gives you the insight you need to work with that spotlight loving Leo, that sometimes cranky Crab, Cancer, or that stomp on everyone Taurus Bull. All 12 Signs have their own quirky gifted talented ways. This book gives you the keys to successfully working with them all. For each sign you’ll discover their personality, how their Astrological House rules their day to day, the body part associated with that sign, and how they operate solo or within a group dynamic.

I’ve always read my own daily horoscope but here I’ve merged that interest with my experience as a Musician and created Musician’s Horoscopes for the Musician and performer in you, or for you, if you want to know more about the Musician or Performer in your life.

Peace, Duane Huff

Monthly Musician’s Horoscopes …by a Musician for Musicians are available every month on the Duane Huff home site

duane huffNative Detroiter Duane Huff’s musical career spans the globe. His skill as a Drummer has taken him to The United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Singapore, Russia, Australia, and to all corners of America with artists that include among others, George Clinton, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Temptations, Dramatics, Amp Fiddler, and Aretha Franklin. As a sought after musician, he continues to travel extensively.

He created Musician’s Horoscopes for his fellow musicians and performers everywhere.






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