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Life is not always fair and many times you have to kiss your fair share of frogs in order to get what it is that you are looking for. Dating should not be complicated, but it is and if not careful it can be cruel if you don’t watch your heart. You have put your heart out on the line before and it has gotten you nowhere and now you want something real and true. Why are you attracting ugly people your way? Why are they liars and cheats once you finally give in to giving them a chance? Why haven’t you put your foot down and stood up for yourself in the dating world instead of settling for one negative experience after the other? You are not going to find love or the man/woman of your dreams if you don’t change things about yourself and how you see dating.

If you are really ready for attracting love you must become what you seek. This means no games, lies or cheating. You simply have to know what you want and go for it and if the person that you are going out with has one too many flaws, let them go and move on. Life is short as you know and it should not be wasted on ugly people who do not have your heart or best interest in mind.  You have to become selective in the dating process and not give everyone with a pretty face or a nice smile a day in your world.

Give yourself a chance at finding true love by not dating everyone you see or meet. If you don’t know what it is you are looking for how can you know what is best for you, you don’t. Another issue with not knowing what you need in your life is that, you miss opportunities by not being able to recognize the best person for you. Slow down and think about what it is you are looking for as well as other things like career and lifestyle since all of these things will impact your life if you happen to fall in love with this person. Do they have fears of loving or letting someone in? How long ago was their last relationship? Everyone has some form of a commitment issue and it’s your job to investigate if the person is the right fit for you.

There is someone for everyone on the plant you just have to know what it is that you want and not let others guide you into dating for sex or fun. If you have been in a few bad relationships where breaking up was hard to do you may be a bit cautious on who you allow in your life and that’s normal.  Loving the wrong person is no fun and can leave scars and pain that takes a lifetime to remove from your heart. If you find that you attract the same type of people in your life seeking out a relationship, step back to figure out what is best for you. You may need to visit new places or get out a little more to meet new people.

Negative relationships are everywhere on the planet and they are no fun so think before you jump into a relationship with someone you barely know or it will cost you down the road. Sometimes we want what is not good for us and focus on the wrong qualities and behaviors when looking for love, if this happens to you, see how the relationship can work without you losing who you are by settling for someone who can’t give you want you truly want, love and commitment. Not everyone dating is looking for commitment or titles, so don’t make someone the one if you know they are not serious about dating. Stop wasting time with people who leave you after building your hopes for something in the future only to let you down. If you are not looking to develop commitment issues, learn to get to know a person before making or thinking you two are in a relationship. You don’t want to be embarrassed if this person is not on the same page as you now do you.  I am sure if you put the best you out for all to see you will surely attract what it is you are looking for in a partner, it just takes time.

Keep what is important as a priority meaning your hurt can only affect you if you are not thinking realistically when dating. Not everyone falls in love overnight so be willing to put in hard work if you want to keep the person interested in you.   You may not find that perfect person overnight and that’s okay. You are not in a rush for love and should never allow anyone to make you feel that way. If you notice that the person is a liar or has commitment issues you should be on guard and keep your heart out of their hands no matter how good their intentions are in getting to know you. In the long run you will get what you want when the timing is right. Stay focused and have fun no matter who you meet along the way.  

Talking about dating and love is not always sweet, it all depends on who and what you want and what you allow in your life for the moment which is why I released my self-help book that covers just that topic, “Ugly ,”  along with a few other titles on relationship issues such as ” Sabotage,” and ” Sabotage 2.”

I have been writing for over 18 years and have published a variety of books from children’s books to self-help books dealing with relationship, personal growth and conflict issues. As a relationship expert, life couch and author helping others is what I do. Ask Johanna Consulting service was creating for my readers and those who have question concerning love and life issues. Visit me at or on Amazon at

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  • The Seven Sins of Love

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