Swimming Pool Expert Media Interview

Get featured in a media interview article – impress pool service employers or clients and show how knowledgeable you are by being featured in a free swimming pool expert interview where you answer questions about pool care.

If your submission is approved it will be published as a standalone piece in the “Interviews With Swimming Pool Experts” section here at NFReads.com, a general-interest website with an emphasis on publishing interesting and informative interviews – guests have ranged from filmmakers and lawmakers to engineers and NASA employees, and we’re always looking for interesting and informative guests to feature.

Click the “Copy Interview Questions to Clipboard” button further down to copy the interview details and questions below to your clipboard (or you can do it manually) for pasting in your word processor or email client – pick and choose from the 100+ questions available (the first one asks you to introduce yourself so that one’s mandatory!) and email them with your answers to [email protected].net (please note that the email ends in .net rather than .com) and we will let you know if and when it is published.

Responses copied from elsewhere (even from your own website/blog) will be rejected, as well as submissions under 400 words (excluding the questions and the introduction).