The Dream Books

By Evan Mahoney

With hindsight, I consider the dream I wrote about in Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams. In it, experiencing the separation of my soul from the corporeal body, as my long standing Animus friend plunged and submerged into an icy river and I lifted off for the sky, heavenward.

My Animus friend whom I wrote about in Master Mystic Meditation when during my brief re-acquaintance with him I arrived one evening in San Francisco, inadequate to the city and inadequate to my friend. He was a powerful influence and personality upon me. Teenage friendship, bonding, and trust I could no longer rely upon, was the lesson learned that night. I crashed on his couch an unwelcome guest. Great expectations for arriving in a great city, dashed. I was to be alone, to continue my journey already years in the undertaking (and many more to come).

That was halfway through my lonesome journey until I was finally allowed to arrive at my salvation and heal in deliverance of a prayed promised, I long ago asked. The flower of my thirty two years with thirteen before the mast of an unaccountable irregular heart, that withdrew, retreated, and defeated me.

I awoke into the truth of plain experience. There is pain and there is the absence of pain. But what is the opposite of Pain? It cannot be defined as “the absence of pain”. Otherwise pain defines itself. We would not allow to define sun and light as “the absence of dark”, would we? The opposite of pain is Qi.

Pain and Qi. The substantial theory, or at least half of one Greek Philosophy (to live pleasantly, pain free in the garden of Epicurus). The Truth of Eternal Joy of Christ, sampled through deliverance of disease and sin. The foundation of Eastern Science and Medicine and Buddhism’s subsiding of suffering by eliminating desire through meditation. Saam Meditation’s recognition of desire through the three levels of human needs and reflected in dreams. It all came together for me, through acupuncture, through meditation, through faith and instinct. Truth has no dispute, no conflict, and no contradiction.

I shed my animus friend in that dream. It was a dream I dreamed while writing a book on dreams. My dreams rose up and guided me through the writing of those books. Never before or since have had I asked so much of my dreams. I still consider them everyday amongst the structures laid down by Saam Meditation. They still provide insight.

In the midst or soon after that dream, my dreams became the most pleasant I ever experienced in my life. Objects I desperately searched for to no avail would be revealed, returned. My power shifted. I arose to the task in pleasant demeanor and commanding form. I became a captain of my dreams and a leader to my lost self. All the while giving thanks with graciousness to the wonderful gift the universe and life bestowed upon me.

Maybe not one in five billion people have experienced what I felt. A few I am certain of. The obscure cave dwelling monk and physician of Korea 500 years ago, known as Saam. My dad whom I have been practicing acupuncture on for 10 years, is one of my best patients. It must be the DNA, because he responds the same as I. The other night in speaking to him he said about lying down to sleep at night, “I can feel it moving in me all over the place, heck, I don’t even need the needles.” He is 84 and his Qi journey only lately began. There are probably more than many thousands of unknown Tai Qi, Qi Gong practitioners in China’s long existence.

There are many manifestations of people’s capability with Qi. There are those who can project it upon objects and others, bending spoons, turning on lights, healing in medicine, or repelling and subduing in the martial arts. I have the ability to internalize it, meditate upon it, and send it through my body, using the Saam Meditation point prescriptions. It is an introverted use of Qi.

Though I am skeptical of the stories I have heard, I still keep an open mind about the ability to levitate, transform matter, and travel. These are all things Jesus performed. What seemed so strange to the people around him, I suspect would not have surprised the Tibetans much. People have their unique gifts and I am not one to deny them of that. Our lives can be both extraordinary and mundane at the same time. Meditating upon Qi can be both, albeit very pleasantly.

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