Thoughts on Pendulum Dowsing – Part I

Dan Baldwin

During a presentation on pendulum dowsing at the second A Haunting in the Desert in Tombstone, AZ (fund raiser for Wounded Warriors Project) I was asked a lot of very good and very sincere questions. I thought I’d share some of that Q&A session. Dowsing with a pendulum is a practical matter – almost mechanical – but the results are often nothing short of astounding.

What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a rock on a string. Or a chunk of wood on a length of twine or a piece of metal on a chain.

That’s it. There’s no magic or special power in the rock, the wood, or the metal or whatever material used as the string. The pendulum is a tool, no more or less than a hammer, a can opener, car jack or a cell phone. Your pendulums should be used, respected and cared for as you would care for any valuable tool, but they should not be objects of mystery or, Heaven forbid, of worship or adoration.

My hypnotherapy instructor often referenced how some people look upon the metaphysical side of existence as seeking the “woo woo” in life. If you tag something with a funny name you can pretend you don’t fear it; you don’t have to face the fact that the universe is astoundingly larger then you ever thought possible. The pendulum provides a doorway into that universe, but there’s no “woo woo” to be found within a rock on a string. The magic, if that’s what you want to tag it, is to be found within you and your relationship to the universe.

Again, the pendulum is just an instrument for work, such as a hammer. Like a hammer, it can be used to build or it can be used to destroy. The choice is up to you.




What is a Pendulum Good For?

I’ll answer a question with a question.

What do you want to know?

The information you want to know is knowable and the pendulum is one very effective tool you can use to discover that information – to make the unknown known.

Where are my missing car keys?

Is this the right job opportunity for me now?

Who is telling me the truth about this issue?

Should I see a doctor soon about this pain in my whatever?

Is the transmission giving out on my truck?

Where is the buried treasure in grandpa’s north 40?

What is my probability of success in this endeavor?

Who should I see about this situation?

Which is the best product to buy?

Can I trust him/her?

When is the best time for me to do this?

You have and will always have questions and the pendulum provides a direct line to the answers you seek. For example, a close friend was considering buying a house in a nearby community. The house looked solid, was in a good neighborhood, and the purchase price was well within his budget. My friend asked me to use my pendulum to see if there were any unseen problems. I was happy to help out and so I conducted a research session on the property using my pendulum. “Is the structure sound? Does the roof leak? Is the AC system up to spec? Are there hidden problems?” I got a “yes” on that last question. A few more questions led to the swimming pool in the back yard. Later, I reported to my friend that the purchase of the house looked like a good deal, but that he should expect repair problems with the pool’s cleaning system.

Within six months of buying the house, the pool cleaning system gave out. Thanks to the pendulum work, he and his wife had saved up enough funds to cover what could have been an unexpected and unpleasant repair bill.

The bottom line: if you have a question, pendulum dowsing is an effective way to determine the best answer.

Who Can Dowse With a Pendulum?


Pendulum is not a gift for the special or the anointed few. As with any skill, different people will have different levels of success, but there’s no secret password needed to join the club. All you need is:

Belief that it works

Belief that you can do it


Application of techniques


Take note that your physical, mental or emotional state can have an effect, sometimes a powerful effect, on how well you dowse. If you’ve had a couple of shots of your favorite adult beverage, your accuracy with the pendulum will be affected – just as your ability to drive would be affected. You might not notice it – “I’m fine, officer” – but the negative effect is there. The same holds for dowsing while on some prescription medications. A dowser suffering from a severe case of the flu will not be as accurate as when he or she is healthy. A fight with your boss or spouse or an unpleasant encounter that puts you in a foul mood will probably foul up your reading. Whatever effects your life in any area can affect your performance with the pendulum. Adjust your pendulum work schedule accordingly.

Part of the discipline of dowsing, is to make sure the conditions are right for a successful reading. Another part of the discipline is in knowing when it’s better to hold off the session until the situation is more conducive to success.

Choosing a Pendulum

There’s no science to choosing a pendulum; just pick one that you like. I look through the selection for the one that shouts “Take me home, Dan. Take me home.” That’s intuition at work. Intrinsically, there’s no one pendulum better than any other pendulum, so just look through a lineup of pendulums and pick up the one that appeals to you. Trust your instincts by allowing your subconscious to make the decision. If one catches your eye because you’re attracted to the pretty color, the type of material, or the shape, then that’s reason enough.

Most of mine are elongated diamond shapes made of stone and most of those stones are some form of crystal. My choice is determined by practical and aesthetic means. I do a lot of map dowsing, so the pointed tip of my favorite shape is helpful in pinpointing specific locations. The size of a pendulum tip can represent the size of a football field on a “topo,” so the sharper the point, the better for my purposes. The heavy weight of the pendulum is also helpful when dowsing outdoors where the wind can easily affect the movement.

Aesthetically, I like the look, color and feel of polished stone, so that’s why I choose pendulums fitting that description.

Again, there’s no science involved; no magic either.

Experiment with different shapes, materials, sizes and weights. You’ll eventually find what works best.

The length of the string is a matter of personal preference. I have short and long string pendulums, but my preference is for strings of 10 – 15 inches in length. The reason is just that I am comfortable using that length. Whatever distance works best for you is the right length.

Watch out for pendulum obsession when buying (or making your own) pendulum. Don’t get caught up in over-thinking the process of making a selection. After all, it’s only a rock on a string.


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