How Bubba Came to Be

The evolution of a passing thought By Deborah-Zenha Adams My mind wanders. It meanders down paths that lead nowhere, roams in circles, falls into ditches and puddles, and—once in a great while—comes home with a coherent thought. That’s how Bubba began. One day I was pondering the amazing coincidence that all channeled entities are wise … Continue reading “How Bubba Came to Be”

Unlock Your Best Life

By Ann Williams Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Stuck in your career, stuck in a relationship, stuck from where you and where you want to be? For many women, this feeling is known all too well. When you are feeling stuck in a rut, you have two choices. You can choose to … Continue reading “Unlock Your Best Life”

Paying It Forward

By Marni Graff Studying Gothic Literature one summer at Oxford University, I trained to London to interview the Queen of English Mystery at the time, P. D. James. After a successful nursing career where I wrote “on the side,” I was finally writing full-time and researching Oxford as the setting for the first Nora Tierney … Continue reading “Paying It Forward”

Man of Constant Failure

By Cliff Burns By any standard of measurement you care to apply, my writing career, now spanning over three decades, has been nothing short of a failure. Perhaps not as disastrous as I sometimes like to pretend—“the least popular author since Joey Gutenburg first started printing books!”—but, let’s face it, my professional profile and standing … Continue reading “Man of Constant Failure”

Introducing Business Cards and Shoe Leather, a Co-written Memoir About Conquering Adult Illiteracy

By Ruby Peru My name is Ruby Peru and I’d like to introduce Business Cards and Shoe Leather, the memoir of Larry Vaughn, a dyslexic businessman who succeeded in building multi-million-dollar businesses without learning how to read until he was fifty-five. As his co-writer, I helped Larry select the parts of his life that most … Continue reading “Introducing Business Cards and Shoe Leather, a Co-written Memoir About Conquering Adult Illiteracy”

A Writer’s Life

By Leah Fleming As Leah Fleming, I have been writing both historical and contemporary fiction for 25 years from an old farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales and an olive grove on Crete. My stories have been translated into many languages which is always exciting. I suppose my quirky traits are a passion for the past … Continue reading “A Writer’s Life”

War never changes

By D.L. Jennings During my 14 years in the military, I found myself relating more and more to these words made popular by the Fallout game series. With each deployment, I saw the truth they contained: that we, as humans, have tendencies ingrained in us that – no matter how hard we try – will … Continue reading “War never changes”

WHO AM I? Confessions of an Author with Approximately 24,601 Personalities

By Danielle E. Shipley “Why do I write?” It’s a self-directed question I’ve seen a lot, in the writing community. Perhaps there’s a collective sense of needing to justify all the time we spend staring at blank pages, out of windows, and deep into our imaginations. For us indie writers, in particular, we can’t claim … Continue reading “WHO AM I? Confessions of an Author with Approximately 24,601 Personalities”

My Musical Journey

By Chuck Anderson My musical journey started at the age of 14. I began with guitar lessons at a local music store. From there, I ultimately did the bulk of my jazz guitar studies with Dennis Sandole from Philadelphia. Dennis was known for working with John Coltrane, Art Farmer, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, Benny Golson … Continue reading “My Musical Journey”

Hello, children’s book authors, where are the leading girl hippos, bears and pangolins?

By Marika Price What do The Rainbow Fish, Runaway Bunny and Curious George have in common?  Yes, they’re all beautiful children’s books about animals going on exciting adventures with feel-good themes. But the part that is not so feel-good is the realization that all of the protagonists are animals referred to as him and he. While female … Continue reading “Hello, children’s book authors, where are the leading girl hippos, bears and pangolins?”

WANT By Julie Peters

By Julie Peters My new book WANT: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault comes out this April, which also happens to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I wrote this book as a sort of tongue-in-cheek how-to guide for surviving sexual assault and getting to the other side of it. I … Continue reading “WANT By Julie Peters”

The Organic Fish

The Organic Fish book was created as a guide to successful fish keeping. Goldfish keeping has been one of my passions for close to twenty years. It all began when one of my fish was found lifeless. A simple salt bath brought him back to life, and at that moment, I became obsessed with learning … Continue reading “The Organic Fish”

Community Over Competition

By Ashley Taylor Not Just A Hashtag Anymore While driving the 45 minute drive to restock the shelves of a local store with my products, I was listening to a podcast by the amazing ladies of Think Creative Collective. In the podcast they interviewed Natalie Franke of The Rising Tide Society, a community born out … Continue reading “Community Over Competition”

Personal Finance Pet Peeves and Tips – 36 Experts Interviewed

36 personal finance experts answered the question “What are your PF pet peeves”? Some also provided their favorite tips – read on below. Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finance ( ) Peeves:One personal finance pet peeve is people who do not use a budget. You simply cannot gain a firm control over your … Continue reading “Personal Finance Pet Peeves and Tips – 36 Experts Interviewed”

Understanding Love

By Johanna Sparrow What you put in your relationship will return to you when you think it’s done What are you looking for in your relationship?  How long are you willing to wait? Can you see love, are or you focused on the negative? Is the relationship worth your time and patience? Love seems to … Continue reading “Understanding Love”

Divorce Houses, Ghosts and Unseen Detrimental Energy Patterns in your Homes

Divorce houses, ghosts and unseen detrimental energy patterns in your homes by Adrian Incledon-Webber During the twenty-five years that I ran my own estate agency business in the south west of Surrey, England I had access to a large number of properties, many of which were successfully sold whilst others, for some reason were not. … Continue reading “Divorce Houses, Ghosts and Unseen Detrimental Energy Patterns in your Homes”

Pagan Journeys

By Susie Kearley Have you ever been curious about the pagan traditions and the lives of modern Druids when they come out to celebrate the seasons around Stonehenge and other national monuments? Perhaps you’re interested in the spiritual lives of those who follow the earth religions, or in the stories behind the stone circles and … Continue reading “Pagan Journeys”


General Hartsfield-5/2016 I love short adages that have a backstory comprised of commonsense. Or one might say, articulations that mean something and that can provide somewhat akin to a rudder. For instance I am abso-mad over the old Polish proverb, “Not My Circus, Not My Monkey” and again the wonderfully wise chestnut turned from French novelist Anatole … Continue reading “LIVE IT UP”

That’s “John” Ringo

“That’s John Ringo.” Heating Up the Cold Case of Johnny Ringo’s Murder Dan Baldwin The best witness to a killing is usually the victim. So, if an investigator wants to know what really happened, the logical person to ask is the deceased. Right? The death of John Peters Ringo on July 13, 1882 was ruled … Continue reading “That’s “John” Ringo”

Stop Dating Liars

By Johanna Sparrow Life is not always fair and many times you have to kiss your fair share of frogs in order to get what it is that you are looking for. Dating should not be complicated, but it is and if not careful it can be cruel if you don’t watch your heart. You … Continue reading “Stop Dating Liars”

The Trouble With Vampires (aka Vampire and Zombies and Werewolves! Oh my!)

The Trouble with Vampires (aka Vampires and Zombies and Werewolves! Oh My!) By Antony J. Stanton The trouble with vampires is not, as far as I am concerned, all the associated killing and mayhem, and suchlike. After all, everybody knows that they are only fictitious beings. Everyone, that is, apart from the few who believe … Continue reading “The Trouble With Vampires (aka Vampire and Zombies and Werewolves! Oh my!)”


ALL AROUND THE WORLD OUR BLOG: WWW.SSSANDERS.NET OUR SITE: WWW.SSSANDERS.COM Maldives Islands – Your Exotic Gateaway By Sahara Sanders As a land of over thousand islands, Maldives most certainly have to offer something for everyone. The archipelago is well known for its breathtaking views. Because this country is one of the most popular world tourist destinations, … Continue reading “DISCOVER THE WORLD WITH US!”

Shattered to the Core

By Charlotte Ann As I was growing up on the west coast I always thought that I had a very loving family but why could I not remember my childhood when I reached adulthood? I did not think much about that because I became involved with alcohol and proceeded to become addicted to it. I … Continue reading “Shattered to the Core”

So What About Women?

By Tarek Refaat I’m an author. Perhaps you can say I’m an author for women, or so it would seem, if you take a look at my short history in writing. In almost every book I’ve written, the main protagonist or protagonists, since it is the case with my second book, Ribbons & Heels, are … Continue reading “So What About Women?”

In Her Own Tongue: “Buddug” Brings Boudicca’s Story To Wales

By Laurel A. Rockefeller “Ferched a dynion Prydain, ymladdwyr, gyfeillion, gynghreiriaid.  Dewch nawr yn achos rhyddid i’r llwythau oll…. Edrychwch arnaf i nawr a gweld drwy gelwyddau’r Rhufeinwyr.  Cofiwch ein hathrawiaeth, ein harferion, y pethau sy’n ein gwneud ni yr hyn ydan ni.  Dim ots beth mae’r duwiesau a’r duwiau yn ei roi i ni … Continue reading “In Her Own Tongue: “Buddug” Brings Boudicca’s Story To Wales”

Nongae of Love and Courage

By Evan Mahoney I will say “Saam Medical Meditation” is somewhat of an autobiographical journey, a journey in meditation and acupuncture, their development and flowers.  The growth of Saam Meditation, its five elements, its four and nine needle technique and the incorporation of the mu points are progressions of my own experience.  Development and learning … Continue reading “Nongae of Love and Courage”

Why Do We See Anything?

By William A. Adams I was always an introspective sort, and I wanted to know how the mind works, so I majored in psychology. Well, they don’t know how the mind works. At the time, I thought they did. I thought my teachers and my textbooks were holding back. I understood that you have to … Continue reading “Why Do We See Anything?”

10 Ways OCD and Depression Changed My Life (And 5 Reasons You Should Buy the eBook I Wrote About It)

By Madison Sonnier It may be safe to assume that my yearlong struggles with OCD and depression are ultimately what turned me into a writer. I had so many thoughts and feelings that felt unacceptable and difficult to make sense of. When there was no one I could talk to, I talked to my journal … Continue reading “10 Ways OCD and Depression Changed My Life (And 5 Reasons You Should Buy the eBook I Wrote About It)”

Bullies in The Family

Bullies in the Family: A Guide to Stopping Family Bullying (Act Right Bully Series) By Johanna Sparrow No matter how you look at it, you have bullies in your family. Why can’t this relative or that relative act right? What is wrong with them? These are just some of the questions you ask other loved … Continue reading “Bullies in The Family”

The Dream Books

Master Mystic Meditation By Evan Mahoney With hindsight, I consider the dream I wrote about in Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams. In it, experiencing the separation of my soul from the corporeal body, as my long standing Animus friend plunged and submerged into an icy river and I lifted off for the sky, heavenward. … Continue reading “The Dream Books”

Healing Starts Within

Your Healing Portion: For Life’s Obstacles – Volume One By Johanna Sparrow Pain just does not enter your life, it comes through those you love and trust. You think you know someone until they betrayal you and there you discover the art of hurt and pain. Can you have one without the other? No, hurt … Continue reading “Healing Starts Within”

In Defense of Words

Conversations With My Dead Rock Star Best Friend By Susan Daley I love words. Let me rephrase that; I marvel at incredibly well crafted sentences that use words so masterfully they evoke exactly what they intend to convey. I am inspired by writers who are frugal with words. I get irritated at superfluousness. I also … Continue reading “In Defense of Words”

The Greatest Log Jam Ever

By Edna Curry I like to read about history, but really hate just reading dates of battles, Generals’ names, etc. I find those boring, though not when I learn some details about their lives or personalities. I want to know about the people’s lives, how they dealt with their problems, etc. So when we moved … Continue reading “The Greatest Log Jam Ever”

“Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” and “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series

Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams By Evan Mahoney What do you get when you combine Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung’s Archetypes, Meditation, and the theories of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine? “Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” is a fascinating hybrid of Classical Western Thought and Eastern Meditation for better understanding and interpretation one’s dreams. Part … Continue reading ““Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” and “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series”

Healing a Hurting Heart

Bruised Hearts By Johanna Sparrow Sometimes life issues bruises that hide deep within the core of your heart. Bruises that may have developed from childhood hurts and pains or at the hands of others. It does not matter if you were abandoned as a child or cheated on as an adult you will feel hurt. … Continue reading “Healing a Hurting Heart”