Interview With Author Isaac Marion

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Isaac Marion, author of the Warm Bodies series, which is a four-book story about a walking corpse rediscovering life, literally and figuratively, and his fight to revive the ruined world. What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)? R’s struggle to reconnect with humanity and remember what it … Continue reading “Interview With Author Isaac Marion”

Interview With Author John Briggs

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi. My name is John Briggs. I’m a Philadelphia native living in upstate New York. I’m mostly known for humorous children’s books, particularly the picture book Leaping Lemmings! and middle-grade non-fiction about people I find fascinating. I also recently published an adult novel. It’s a political satire because I … Continue reading “Interview With Author John Briggs”

Interview With Author Jason Freeman

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi! I’m Jason Freeman. I’m originally from South Dakota, and if these words sounded like my actual voice, you would discern that what you’re hearing is not a midwestern accent but a pronounced speech impediment. In addition to being a yoga-class-lover, a casual-but-consistent-meditator, a San-Diego-California-Liver, I am a professional … Continue reading “Interview With Author Jason Freeman”

Interview With Author Richard Thomas

BIO: Richard Thomas is the award-winning author of three novels, three short story collections, 150+ stories in print, and the editor of four anthologies. Visit for more information. Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My name is Richard Thomas, and I’ve been writing about 11 years—mostly speculative fiction: fantasy, science fiction, and horror but … Continue reading “Interview With Author Richard Thomas”

Interview With Author K.A. Cummins

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi! I’m K.A. Cummins, a speculative fiction writer for children and teens with a passion for scientific discovery, adventure, and the wonders of math. I believe the best stories inspire us, challenge us, and tickle our imaginations with something a bit zany. My first middle-grade book, “Snow Globe Travelers: … Continue reading “Interview With Author K.A. Cummins”

Interview With Author Linda Case

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My name is Linda Case and I am a dog trainer, canine nutritionist and science writer who specializes in topics about dog training, behavior and nutrition. My academic training is in animal sciences, specifically in canine/feline nutrition and companion animal behavior and training. I have a B.S. in Animal … Continue reading “Interview With Author Linda Case”

Interview With Author Michael Smorenburg

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Born in 1964 and a serial entrepreneur, I dress facts up as fiction. I write adventure stories, historical dramas, and contemporary thrillers. What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)? I find interesting, lesser-known, but important historical, anthropological, or other scientific facts and weave them into compelling stories. What … Continue reading “Interview With Author Michael Smorenburg”

Interview With Author Vicki Solá

Introducing myself… Vicki Solá here, longtime host, producer, and originator of weekly radio program Que Viva La Música, heard on 89.1 WFDU-FM and online at, providing the New York metro community and beyond with salsa and Afro-Cuban jazz. I’ve served as an advisor to the Smithsonian Institution for their traveling exhibition, Latin Jazz: La … Continue reading “Interview With Author Vicki Solá”

Interview With Author Simon Turney

Please introduce yourself and your books My name is Simon Turney, also writing as S.J.A. Turney. I’m an author of Historical Fiction (taking historical events and characters and trying to make them Dwayne-Johnson-level cinematic and exciting) and Historical Fantasy (similar but without the restrictions of enforced accuracy.) I’m the strange combination of traditionally published through … Continue reading “Interview With Author Simon Turney”

Interview With Author Ludvig Sunstrom

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking out of Homeostasis. I’m also an online entrepreneur and creator/host of two popular podcasts.  Breaking out of Homeostasis is my philosophy for how to live intelligently, effectively and happily in modern society, despite the many evolutionary mismatches we are facing. Basically, our brains and … Continue reading “Interview With Author Ludvig Sunstrom”

Interview With Author Rhys Bowen

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I am Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of two historical mystery series plus several internationally bestselling historical novels. The Tuscan Child and In Farleigh Field have sold over one million copies between them and my work is translated into 24 languages to date. My Royal Spyness mysteries … Continue reading “Interview With Author Rhys Bowen”

Interview With Sam Baldwin, Author of For Fukui’s Sake: Two years in rural Japan

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Sam Baldwin, I’m from the UK, and I’m the author of For Fukui’s Sake: Two years in rural Japan, which is an account of my time spent living and working in small town, backcountry Japan. The book is an outsider’s view of rural Japan and the Japanese, and … Continue reading “Interview With Sam Baldwin, Author of For Fukui’s Sake: Two years in rural Japan”

Interview With Author CL Gibson

CL GibsonAuthor, Psychological Thrillers Find me on:Web: Amazon: Facebook: Twitter: Tell us some quirky facts about yourself I’m the girl with the Typewriter Tattoo who lives in the Midwest with my husband, our Akita named Jag, and an obese fifteen-year-old adopted cat named Chicago. The first novel in The … Continue reading “Interview With Author CL Gibson”

Interview With Author Jason Stokes

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Jason Stokes author of the mystery/thriller ‘Watcher’ and the upcoming ‘Ghost Story’ series releasing this month. I’m also featured in the Dark Tides: Charity Horror Anthology released this month as well. What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)? Watcher is a novel I wrote for my wife … Continue reading “Interview With Author Jason Stokes”

Interview with Author WL Emery

I’m WL Emery, author of Magic for Hire, an anthology about an itinerant wizard who travels around the countryside making his living as a magician and sometime merchant, Murder One, a hardboiled detective novel involving murder, money, and red hot women, and Deemed Unsuitable, a ray gun romance short story that I wrote specifically for … Continue reading “Interview with Author WL Emery”

Interview With Author Gary Corbin

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Gary Corbin, a freelance writer, editor, and playwright in Camas, WA, a suburb of Portland, OR. I’ve published six novels and written nearly two dozen plays. My most recent novel, A Woman of Valor, is a character-driven, literary police procedural. Rookie policewoman Valorie Dawes pursues a child molester, … Continue reading “Interview With Author Gary Corbin”

Interview With Author M.C. Vaughan

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi there! I’m M.C. Vaughan, a Baltimore-based author of contemporary romance riddled with humor and local flavor. So, if you want to giggle throughout your sexy stories, welcome! You’ll root for my characters as they fall for their perfect people…and simultaneously want to throttle them for being big dummies … Continue reading “Interview With Author M.C. Vaughan”

Interview With Author Deborah Sheldon

Please introduce yourself. I’m an award-winning author from Melbourne, Australia. I write short stories, novellas and novels across the darker spectrum of horror, crime and noir. My latest releases, through several publishing houses, include the horror novels Body Farm Z, Contrition, and Devil Dragon; the horror novella Thylacines; the crime-noir novellas Dark Waters and Ronnie … Continue reading “Interview With Author Deborah Sheldon”

Interview With Author Daniel Cubias

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I have an IQ of 380 and the strength of 10 men. But I don’t like to brag. I’ve also written three books: A detective novel (“Barrio Imbroglio”)A horror-comedy novel (“Zombie President”)A collection of essays (“The Hispanic Fanatic”) In addition, I’ve written for various publications like the Huffington Post … Continue reading “Interview With Author Daniel Cubias”

Interview With Author Talena Winters

Talena Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m a multi-genre fiction writer with four published novels in the genres of inspirational romance, romantic suspense, and young adult science fantasy. This year, I published the first book of a young adult science fantasy trilogy called The Undine’s Tear about a post-Atlantean society of mermaids called … Continue reading “Interview With Author Talena Winters”

Interview With Author Danielle Thorne

Amazon Page: www.daniellethorne.comFacebook: Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hello to everyone. I’m an author of fiction and non-fiction, concentrating mostly on writing historical books and family-friendly romance adventures. Although I consider myself a southern girl, I was born in Illinois and moved to Tennessee when I was a tot. I’ve … Continue reading “Interview With Author Danielle Thorne”

Interview With Author TJ Brearton

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi, I’m TJ Brearton and I currently have sixteen published novels. What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)? See below. What inspires/inspired your creativity? I draw inspiration from my family life (I am married with three children), my experiences with past addictions, and my extended family members who … Continue reading “Interview With Author TJ Brearton”

Interview With Author John Fullerton

Please introduce yourself and your book(s) I’m a former Reuters correspondent who now writes thrillers. If your readers are at all like me, then too much personal information about a writer is irrelevant and sometimes an embarrassment. Anyhow, there’s biographical material on my website for those interested: What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your … Continue reading “Interview With Author John Fullerton”

Interview With Author Linda Bartee Doyne

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Linda Bartee Doyne aka The Immortal Alcoholic’s Wife I’ve written five books concerning alcoholism and two that are not alcohol-related: The Immortal Alcoholic’s Wife – My journey from childhood through being an alcoholic’s wife The Immortal Life of Riley – Sequel to The Immortal Alcoholic’s Wife. Focus … Continue reading “Interview With Author Linda Bartee Doyne”

Interview With Author TD Cooper

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My author name is TD Cooper. I write young adult fantasy. My website and Amazon Author page: You can find my books and links to my books there. (2nd Chances: A Book of Choices, 2nd Chances: A Book of Treasures, Magic House, Junior’s Journey Through Yellowstone, and … Continue reading “Interview With Author TD Cooper”

Interview With Author Alison Stone

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’ve published five books and three chapbooks. I have two more accepted, Caught in the Myth (NYQ Books, 2019) and Zombies at the Disco (Jacar Press, 2020). They’re very different books. Caught is ekphrastic poems, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman sculptures and myths, set alongside contemporary mythic figures … Continue reading “Interview With Author Alison Stone”

Author Feature: David Vining

Crystal Embers Synopsis A civil war ends, and a knight returns home to a land and wife he no longer knows. A wife mourns over her lost child as her husband returns from years of civil strife. Alone, they have nothing, but together perhaps they could rebuild. Before they can try on their own, … Continue reading “Author Feature: David Vining”

Author Feature: Paul Martin

Irish writer, Paul Martin: My latest book The Bicycle Thief and the German Wife: The Hidden War of a German-Speaking Italian Family was written in an attempt at the impossible – to understand Italy. Not even all of Italy, just one region – or rather two. These are: the Marche, which is located in … Continue reading “Author Feature: Paul Martin”

Author Feature: William Fietzer

My personal and pen name are one and the same–William Fietzer–one of the lesser-known Williams of American and English literature. I have been writing in one capacity or another since my undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin though my writing aspirations surfaced in my early teens when I drew the cover for a proposed … Continue reading “Author Feature: William Fietzer”

Author Katrina Shawver on Writing, Poland, and Why Credibility is Critical

Please introduce yourself and your books. I identify as a writer, public speaker, history geek, and life-long fan of public libraries. I call Phoenix, Arizona home, as I have for most of my life. By far, my biggest accomplishment has been publishing the nonfiction biography, HENRY: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz … Continue reading “Author Katrina Shawver on Writing, Poland, and Why Credibility is Critical”

Interview With Author HL Carpenter

Please introduce yourself and your books! Thanks for the opportunity, Tony! We’re HL Carpenter, a mother/daughter author duo. We write family-friendly fiction from our studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place, that, like our stories, is unreal but not untrue. At present, our published works include Murder by the Books, a stand-alone mystery novel, Walled … Continue reading “Interview With Author HL Carpenter”

Interview With Author Lynne Cazaly

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I help individuals, teams and organisations transition to new ways of working. I’m an international keynote speaker, author and a master facilitator and have authored 6 books including the latest: ‘ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’. The others are: Agile-ish: … Continue reading “Interview With Author Lynne Cazaly”

Interview With Author Angela Porter

Hello to you. I’m Angela Porter and I’m the author and illustrator for ‘A Dangle A Day’ and the illustrator of many adult coloring books including ‘Color Me Calm’, ‘Entangled’, ‘Entangled Dragonflies’, ‘Zendoodle Designs’, and more. My amazon author page is My blog is What are the stories behind my books? The first … Continue reading “Interview With Author Angela Porter”

Interview With Authors Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Josie Thomson

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Jeffrey Schwartz: I am a research psychiatrist who 25 years ago developed a mindfulness based method for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to understand that their brains were actually sending them false messages about perceptions around things having to do with things being in the right order, clean … Continue reading “Interview With Authors Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Josie Thomson”

Introducing Business Cards and Shoe Leather, a Co-written Memoir About Conquering Adult Illiteracy

By Ruby Peru My name is Ruby Peru and I’d like to introduce Business Cards and Shoe Leather, the memoir of Larry Vaughn, a dyslexic businessman who succeeded in building multi-million-dollar businesses without learning how to read until he was fifty-five. As his co-writer, I helped Larry select the parts of his life that most … Continue reading “Introducing Business Cards and Shoe Leather, a Co-written Memoir About Conquering Adult Illiteracy”

Interview With Author Patty Blount

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Patty Blount, author of award-winning contemporary and young adult novels. Most of my young adult novels deal with internet issues like bullying, the dangers of trusting strangers, and victim-blaming. What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)? My debut novel, SEND, was inspired by my son’s ordeal with bullying. … Continue reading “Interview With Author Patty Blount”

Interview With Author Suzan St Maur

Suzan St Maur is a multi-published bestselling (genuinely) author who now works as an author coach as well as writing more of her own books, 35 of which so far have been published. You can read all about her professionaland personal life on her award-winning website,, here – Suzan lives in Milton Keynes, … Continue reading “Interview With Author Suzan St Maur”

Interview With Author Paul Parry

– Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’m Paul Parry, the author of two self-published books, Pazzabaijan and Mr Lizard. My next book will be out later in 2019. – What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)? Pazzabaijan is about my ten-year journey from being clueless and facing redundancy to working in a different industry … Continue reading “Interview With Author Paul Parry”

Interview With Author Julia Robb

Please introduce yourself and your books!  Hi, I’m Julia Robb, who lives in Marshall, TX, and I’ve published five historical novels: Saint of the Burning Heart (set in 1960’s West Texas), Scalp Mountain (1876 Texas), Del Norte (1870 Texas), The Captive Boy (1870 Texas) and The Stamp of Heaven (1870 Texas and Civil War battlefields). … Continue reading “Interview With Author Julia Robb”

Interview With Author Adam Cheshier

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I’ve been writing fiction for several years with many unpublished stories and memoirs, however, Summer of ‘92 is the first novel which has been published under Wanderway Publishing House. You can purchase a paperback copy or digital e-book on Amazon. What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)? An … Continue reading “Interview With Author Adam Cheshier”

Interview With Author Beth Kurland

Hi, I’m Beth Kurland and I’m a clinical psychologist, public speaker, and author. I have been in practice since 1994, working with people across the lifespan, providing evidence-based treatment for a range of issues and life challenges. I am passionate about teaching mindfulness and mind-body strategies for well-being, as these have been transformative in my … Continue reading “Interview With Author Beth Kurland”

Interview With Author Joseph Carrabis

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Howdy. Joseph Carrabis here. My books – Empty Sky (available at, Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires (, the separate Tales as ebooks ( My next book, The Augmented Man, is due out 25 July 2019. You can pre-order a signed copy at and read my first review … Continue reading “Interview With Author Joseph Carrabis”

Interview With Author Jack Ridl

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My name is Jack Ridl. I have some dozen books out there ranging from books about literature to such poetry collections as Broken Symmetry, Practicing to Walk Like a Heron, and Saint Peter and the Goldfinch (Wayne State University Press) and Losing Season (CasvanKerry Press) What is/are the story(ies) … Continue reading “Interview With Author Jack Ridl”

Interview With Author W.E. DeVore

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hello everyone! I’m W.E. DeVore, a musician, audio engineer, and author of a series of neo-noir detective novels set in my adopted home of New Orleans. The Clementine Toledano Mysteries centers around Clementine “Q” Toledano, a musician with a bad habit of stumbling over dead bodies. Teaming up with … Continue reading “Interview With Author W.E. DeVore”

Interview With Author G. M. Lupo

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! I am an author and playwright from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a graduate of Georgia State University and New York University’s graduate writing program. I published my first novel in 2007, an extremely long work called The Long-Timers, a fantasy and science fiction work about people who live for thousands … Continue reading “Interview With Author G. M. Lupo”

Interview With Author Molly McCluskey-Shipman

Intro/ What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)? Thanks for this opportunity! I’m Molly McCluskey-Shipman, children’s book author from Kansas City. I’ve written two books; Emma’s Dilemma (2015), a book about adoption/belonging and Festeva’s Holiday Cheer (2018) about a dog who does good deeds in the world. What inspires/inspired your creativity? My background is in … Continue reading “Interview With Author Molly McCluskey-Shipman”

Interview With Author Wanda Luthman

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! Hi, I’m Wanda Luthman. I’m an award-winning children’s book author and I’m a high school guidance counselor. I love working with kids and helping them be their best selves. My books all carry social/emotional messages such as forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, and perseverance. My books range from picture books for … Continue reading “Interview With Author Wanda Luthman”

Interview With Author Tony Riches

Author Interview – Tony Riches (email: – Twitter @tonyriches) Please introduce yourself and your books I am a full-time author of best-selling historical fiction, based in Pembrokeshire, Wales UK. My Tudor trilogy has reached #1 on Amazon in the US, UK and Australia, and I was the only historical fiction author to be shortlisted … Continue reading “Interview With Author Tony Riches”

Interview With Author Kent Sanders

Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My name is Kent Sanders, and I’m an author, creative coach, consultant, and college professor. I teach courses on film, storytelling, and the arts at St. Louis Christian College in Florissant, Missouri. I also write on creativity, the arts, and productivity at I host a weekly podcast called … Continue reading “Interview With Author Kent Sanders”

Author Feature: Gene Masters

Gene Masters is a retired professional engineer living in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is the author of Silent Warriors, an historical novel centered around the submarine war in the Pacific, 1941 to 1945. “Early in my professional career, many years ago, I had the privilege of serving aboard, and qualifying on, a WWII vintage diesel-electric submarine, … Continue reading “Author Feature: Gene Masters”

Interview With Author David C. Tice

Name: David C. Tice Book: “The Genius Box” ( ) Please introduce yourself and your book(s)! My name is David Tice. For a quarter of a century, I’ve overseen television and media research projects for many well-known television networks, media companies, industry associations, sports leagues, and media agencies. As a thought leader in research around … Continue reading “Interview With Author David C. Tice”