Fantasy Epics From Scott Appleton

By Scott Appleton

Fantasy and science-fiction stories have fascinated me from childhood. Fairytales, allegories, and space operas. When I was growing up it was a long bike ride to my grandparents’ house but I made the ride often to visit with them, in part because my grandfather had an extensive collection of VHS movies and of course the classic video games. The original Godzilla and Star Wars movies filled my imagination with innumerable story possibilities and I wrote and narrated stories with endless creativity.

My first fantasy novel Swords Of The Six was published in 2009, a direct product of those many years of creative pursuit and wild storytelling. You never know where your imagination will take you, but you can guide it. You can feed it with the sort of material that makes an impact on you.

Some writers pursue trends, trying to create a product that will sell based on what the reading market is asking for or actively buying. Personally I do the opposite. I write the stories that I want to read. I am creating the stories that my children and the generations after them will find inspiring. Trends change. The human condition and needs or desires do not. Writing, to me, is a passion.

Over a decade has passed since Swords of the Six was released and now my titles involve two series all built in the same storyworld. The way that Star Wars follows different eras, the way that Dungeons & Dragons shows various parts of the same story universe, so do my series The Sword of the Dragon and Neverqueen provide readers a broad world to explore. My writings generally target young adult and adult readers, though I have quite a few younger fans as well.

There were six swordmasters in the dragon’s service. All but one of them betrayed him, plunging their world into chaos. Specter is reborn with one initial task. He must protect that which is most precious to the dragon, for the wizards seek total corruption and few stand against them. But a hidden evil is out for vengeance and the Reaper of death is seeking the dragon’s daughters. Will Specter face this evil alone? The beginning of heroes whose legends will resound for a thousand years . . .

Scott Appleton is the author of:

Swords of the Six (The Sword of the Dragon)Dragon Offspring (The Sword of the Dragon)

Key of Living Fire (The Sword of the Dragon)

The Phantom’s Blade (The Sword of the Dragon)


Neverqueen 2 (The Suffering Chalice)

By Sword By Right: The Scott Appleton Short Fiction Collection

Currently I am finishing the manuscript to re-release Swords of the Six as a special edition. It is greatly expanded from the original and greatly improved. You learn a lot after a decade of fantasy writing and editing! This book will release Summer 2019 and will quickly be followed by the special editions of Dragon Offspring and Key of Living Fire.

My next writing project is In Search of Dragons and there are many more to come. Epic fantasy is flat-out one of the best forms of storytelling!

Scott Appleton


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