Healing a Hurting Heart

By Johanna Sparrow

Sometimes life issues bruises that hide deep within the core of your heart. Bruises that may have developed from childhood hurts and pains or at the hands of others. It does not matter if you were abandoned as a child or cheated on as an adult you will feel hurt. The question is how are you dealing with your bruised heart? Are you bitter? Do you take out on others what’s been done to you? These are important questions you may want to ask yourself as you seek to understand what is affecting you and the things that you do. In order to have a healing heart you must let go of the burdens you carry around day to day. Not everything that has happened to you weighs heavy on your heart, no it’s settled deep within you. Having a hurting heart can affect your mood or how you perceive things. Maybe you weren’t listened to as a child or young adult and feel that you still suffer from that hurt and pain. Maybe you lost someone dear too you and have yet to come to grips with the loss. You are never alone with dealing with life bruises. All it takes is you getting to that place within yourself where healing can start. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it and that’s for sure. Living in a world of regrets and what if’s is not healthy. You must empty whatever is affecting you so that it does not affect any future relationships. If you want the process to go smoothly learn to have a forgiving heart. You may not ever get an apology and that’s okay. Most of all give yourself time to process why you’ve been hurting so that you can move on once and for all.

Does the pain ever go away?

For many the pain of being hurt or let down by someone you thought you trusted never goes away. What happens is that you learn to live with it without it affecting you in other areas of life. Fear can play a major role in your not moving forward if you aren’t careful. If time is what you need, take it. Never let anyone put you in a corner or make you feel as if things are your fault there are always two sides to every story which you should know by now. If you think having someone tell you that they are sorry will make the pain go away, let me be the first to tell you that it won’t. In many cases you end up angry and hurt. Facing that pain is the first step to a healing heart if you did not already know that. Don’t expect others to help you in the healing process, those steps will have to be taken by you and you alone. It’s your heart that is hurting and never forget that. Below is a list of things you may be experiencing when dealing with a bruised and hurting heart.

► Anger
► Resentment
► Fear of letting go and trusting again
► Confusion
► Stress

Getting to the bottom of why you feel the way you do will take a great effort on you part. Never fear confronting past hurts and pain, you deserve healing. You will find that your heart will be less heavy, but lite instead. Knowing what you want and working to have it is where you want to be in life. You can’t change what has happened to you, you must move forward and make sure it never happens again. This is where you are in control of how you feel going forward.

Letting go and moving on!

Now that you have gotten yourself together and confronted those things that affected you, moving on is not so scary now is it. Surround yourself with positive people who can help you and not remind you of pain. Getting to a place where you are no longer angry or stressed takes time and patience. When you find yourself thinking of negative things from your past, change your focus onto something positive instead. The keys to positive change is in your hand and heart, never be afraid to use them for a better you. The past can only affect you if you allow it. Each day you have the power to make better choices for your life. Leave those people who have hurt you time and time again out of your life, you don’t need them. In fact, you need nothing from them so stop holding on to negative people from your past expecting them to apologize, they won’t.
Below is a list of what a healing heart brings you.

► Happiness
► Understanding
► forgiveness
► Peace

Learn to forgive yourself for not letting go in time. Everything happens for a reason, most importantly is that you learn something about yourself in the process. A hurt and wounded heart can be the cause of anything from divorce, death, abuse, abandonment and neglect. Learning how to aid your heart through those most delicate stages are the key. Once you heal your heart you will never allow it to suffer from hurt and pain ever again.
Talking about hurt and pain is never easy something that I love sharing with others about which is why I released, “Bruised Hearts,” along with a few other titles on relationship issues this year.

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