Healing Starts Within

By Johanna Sparrow

Pain just does not enter your life, it comes through those you love and trust. You think you know someone until they betrayal you and there you discover the art of hurt and pain. Can you have one without the other? No, hurt and pain seem to travel together affecting as many people as it can. You’ve gone out of your way to help others and in return receive a slap in the face. The worst of all hurts come from family and friends. Sure you can get over something someone said to you to hurt you that you barely know, but when the blow is from family the effects are heartbreaking.

Life can prepare you for lots of things, but when it comes to hurt and pain you never seem prepared. It kind of happens out of nowhere leaving you confused and lifeless. Those blows and punches aren’t easy to take especially when they are issued to you by the very people you claim to love or thought loved you. No one can escape it’s grips not even the smartest of people, hurt and pain is everywhere, the goal is to learn from it so that you never have to experience it in that area again.

It’s Never Easy Letting Go of Hurt and Pain!

Holding on to something that was done to you is never a good idea. You have to let it go or it will just eat you alive. How many times have you told yourself to stay away from certain people? How many times did you take your own advice? Now you find yourself facing hurt and pain because of something they said or did to you behind your back. As easy as it is to walk away, you feel the need to do something, but trust me when I tell you that it will only make what you feel worse. Life at times isn’t fair and you must learn to let go so that you can heal your heart and soul. You’ve learned your lesson, now move on from it. No need to get back or make things even, let it go and move on. Every step you take in walking away, you take in the direction of healing the impossible, your heart and soul.

Moving on is the first step to healing a wounded soul?

Now that you have gotten yourself together, moving on and letting go will start your healing. The process is not easy, but needed and at times you will feel the need to go back in forth with your decision to do something more. You will not get what you are looking for, hurt is the only outcome and you should know this. Some people are not meant to be in your life or stay in your life and that includes family and friends. Only you can draw the line to when it’s time for you to let them go. People will go out of their way to affect you because of jealousy or envy, you must be strong and stay focused. If you have done all that you can to help them and in return you received push back and nasty words, let it go. No matter what has happened or how wrong it was, move on and let it go. The person will have to deal with themselves the same as you. Its true people love to see you at your worse, sometimes they try to create it in your life. Open your eyes and see what’s really going on so that you can rise above whatever is going on. You are not alone in your fight to move on so that you can do the right thing. Below is a list of what you must do to start the healing process.:

o Let go of feeling wronged
o Forgive and keep negative people out of your life
o Find a support team to help you through it all.
o Always have someone you can talk too.

The only way to move forward with the healing process is to open your eyes and keep negative people out of your life no matter if that is your family or your child. You can’t be the best you if you are fighting hurt and pain all the time. Forgiving people who have wronged you is not easy, but you can get past whatever has happened to you. Don’t give in to the chaos that is going on, it’s only here to distract you from what you ought to be doing.

The more you open your soul to new experiences, the more you will begin to heal. Don’t ever stop being you or helping others. Know who is in your inner circle and know that anyone can turn on you no matter how close you think you are to them. In time that person will see the truth about their behavior, but for now you must press on to a bigger and better you.

At the end of the day, not everyone who is in your inner circle will be with you to the end, be prepared to journey on in this life alone, healing is not hard and letting go of the past and negative people should be a part of your healing process.

Talking about hurt and pain is not easy, but it’s needed which is why I released my self-help series that covers just that topic alone, “Your Healing Portion One and Two,” June 2016 along with a few other titles on relationship issues.

I have been writing for over 18 years and have published a variety of books from children’s books to self-help books dealing with relationship, personal growth and conflict issues. As a relationship expert, life couch and author helping others is what I do. Ask Johanna Consulting service was creating for my readers and those who have question concerning love and life issues. Visit me at www.johannasparrow.com or on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Johanna-Sparrow/e/B00N8EB3J2/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

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