How Bubba Came to Be

The evolution of a passing thought

By Deborah-Zenha Adams

My mind wanders. It meanders down paths that lead nowhere, roams in circles, falls into ditches and puddles, and—once in a great while—comes home with a coherent thought. That’s how Bubba began.

One day I was pondering the amazing coincidence that all channeled entities are wise old souls, mostly from Atlantis. I wondered if only the Atlanteans are allowed to come through, or are they just louder than, say, the souls of tinkers and Neanderthals.

At that very moment, the vibration of my thoughts synced with the ethereal frequency of the ascended soul formerly known as Bubba. (It’s the sort of thing that happens to writers all the time. When people ask us, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ we’re too smart to admit that we mostly trip over them, but that is quite often the truth.)

Of all the random notions that pass through my brain, this is one that stuck around long enough to get written down. Sure, I could have used that time to complete a paying project, but sometimes a writer just needs to have fun. And that’s what Transcendental Grits is—a plate full of fun, with a side of down-home wisdom.

Here’s a taste:

I am frequently asked, “Who is Bubba and how did you get started channeling him?” First of all, Bubba is an ornery cuss who took control of my tongue at an all day singing and dinner on the ground. He was partial to Martha Jo Thompkins’ buttermilk pie and, seeing that I planned to have more than my share of it, he decided I’d be a comfortable conduit for him.

Bubba is a discarnate entity, which means he used to be flesh and blood, but now he’s dead. Hunting accident. I guess deer stands and beer don’t mix. Anyway, he learned a whole lot during his time on this plane and his wisdom has been honed during his service in the spirit world.

Whenever Bubba takes hold of my tongue, he always has something smart to say or some good advice to give. With Bubba’s permission, I’ve written down some of his messages to share with you. As Bubba would say, read it if you take a notion or throw it in the slop bucket if you’ve a mind to.

Bubba on Body

  • Follow your tastebuds–Bliss is a sign you’re eatin’ what’s good for you.
  • Why bother with self-improvement? You’ll be dead before you get it right.
  • The fewer teeth, the wider the grin.
  • I done met three ex-people over here who choked to death on tofu. That oughta scare the fat outta your arteries!
  • A dose of spring tonic is good for clearing out the system. My grandma always swore by turpentine (for wormy young’uns)or pure vinegar (for ever’thing else), but liquor is just as good and a whole lot tastier.

Bubba on Mind

  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so don’t wear yours out by thinking too much about nothing.

Bubba on Spirit

  • Two-step to your own fiddler.

Bubba on the Hereafter

  • Elvis ain’t dead,but he ain’t working regular, either.

Bubba on Cosmic Mysteries

  • You believe you’re gonna lose ten pound one of these days,so how come you’re so durned sceptical about flying saucers?

Bubba on Life in General

  • If you’re not sure what’s going on around you, make up any story that gives you peace. Chances are, it’ll be every bit as good as the truth.

Bubba on Faith

  • Blessed are the possums, for their faith endures in spite of all the evidence.

Transcendental Grits: the channeled ramblings of a discarnate good old boy is available as a free download on my website:

Deborah-Zenha Adams is an award-winning author, a naturalist, and a yoga educator.


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