Interview With Author Dan Meadows

  • Please introduce yourself and your book(s)!

• My name is Dan “Chasing Wolf” Meadows. I was born in Bakersfield, California in the 1950’s. I was raised and went to school in Greensboro, North Carolina. I am a US Army Veteran, a Veteran Law Enforcement Officer and Detective, Husband, Father and a Grandfather. I am married to my lovely wife Lynda and we live in Western North Carolina with our little dog “Charlie”. Currently, I am the CEO, Founder and Chief Consultant for the TAP3X Group of Companies and for Tango3Global.

• My two books that I would like to showcase are;

Wolf Bit’z – Is book one from the ‘Chase The Wolf’ book series.

(Author: Dan “Chasing Wolf” Meadows)

Protecting The Tribe – Is book two from the ‘Chase The Wolf’ book series.

(Author: Dan “Chasing Wolf” Meadows)

• The ‘Chase The Wolf’ book series deals with three different relationships of humankind, that are depicted as animals. The Sheep, Sheepdogs and the Wolves.

The Sheep are the innocents or presumed innocents of our society, our world. They are described as everyday people. They are your family, your friends, neighbors, work associates and others. They live their lives in routine manners. Day-to-Day existences. Complacent, Fun Loving, Non-Caring and dependent upon others for survival.

The Sheepdogs are a different lot. They are the peace-keepers. The Military, Police, Security Officers and others who are assigned to protect its people, and this nation from those who would do them harm. Those who would attack the Sheep, damage and steal from their properties and destroy this land.

The Wolves are the evil we see daily. They are the evil we find in criminals, thuglians, corrupt politicians, terrorists and anarchists alike. The wolves can also be described as those who cannot get along with others. The haters, the anti’s and the malevolent ones.


  • What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)?

Wolf Bit’z was originally created as short messages, cautions and reminders to stay alert to the dangers that the wolves bring to our world. Those messages were released daily through social media, blogs and other message sending portals. The likes took hold. The followings increased. The requests for more Wolf Bit’z abounded.

Wolf Bit’z thus took on a whole new meaning, a whole new existence. Our first book was created as a guide “To Those Who Give Chase!” To protect and serve those who will ultimately protect and serve others. As our ‘Wolf Bit’z’ messages grew in numbers, so did their content, their story. As tragedy or senseless events unfolded throughout our nation and our world, the theme for our messages changed.

Wolf Bit’z’ started out as one or two liners, then grew to back-to-back sentences, paragraphs, pages, and then into a book. Its message is simple, yet detailed enough in its delivery to establish a boundary for your existence… Your survival in the most uncertain times. ‘Wolf Bit’z’ teaches you how to “Survive The Threat”, any threat made towards your life, or the lives of those you care for!

Wolf Bit’z’ is due to be released in the Fall of 2019.

‘Protecting The Tribe’ is the second book in the ‘Chase The Wolf’ book series. Its creation is more in line with preparedness and in human survival. While protecting your tribe (family, friends, mutual assistance group or community) from the ‘Wolves of the World’, each person within that tribal element contributes to the tribe’s overall survival and towards its own long-term existence in an uncertain and dangerous world.

When is comes to “The End of The World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI), or when the “Shit Hits The Fan” (SHTF), a readied, prepared and protected ‘tribe’ may be all that stands between you and that of the wolf’s carnage. Sometimes called a ‘Mutual Assistance Group’ or ‘Community’, your ‘tribe’ is brought together by like-minded people who have a common goal in mind… “To Survive!” One’s mere existence would not be enough when faced with the aftermath of global destruction, disease, food shortages and the ultimate die-off from those who are found un-prepared!

Protecting The Tribe’ leads you through the paces of assessing your own tribe’s needs, by setting up and establishing a new colony for yourself, your family and for others. “A Tribe!” By using the talents of ‘all” of your tribal members, each and every person will contribute to your tribes survival and towards its continued existence. From choosing protected areas of land that you and your tribe will benefit from through habitat management, command structures and by creating secured and protected locations or encampments for all to live, the success of your tribe can be measured in years, not just days.

Protecting The Tribe’ is a how-to book for those wanting to learn how to survive from the threats of the unknown, while keeping the wolves at bay.

Protecting The Tribe’ is due to be released in the Fall of 2020.

  • What inspires/inspired your creativity?

• My inspirations to write, both articles and books, are kindled by many things, to include my military, law enforcement and federal contractor careers in which I served this great nation, and its people. Another inspiration is by becoming an instructor of many disciplines and many types of training, with literally tens of thousands of people being taught by me over the years. A third, but not final inspiration are my readings of such written works from authors like; LTC Dave Grossman (“On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”) (“On Combat: On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs”), as well as (“Street Survival” and “The Tactical Edge”) by Calibre Press, Vince Flynn (Mitch Rapp Series) and by many more.

• Additionally, there are further inspirations that has proved to be necessary for myself and for others… A mantra, if you will, that I always teach others to live by… And that is to “Survive The Threat”.

  • How do you deal with creative block?

• Creative blocks are oftentimes difficult to overcome. My best way to deal with those blocks are to push myself away from the computer, breathe some fresh air, clear my mind, and then tackle that creativity with a fresh approach.

  • What are the biggest mistakes you can make in a book?

• Mistakes can happen. Unless you have a roadmap to where you want to go (your end product), your books final delivery might never happen. Another mistake is by not following your “Gut Feelings”. Oftentimes your ‘gut’ will send you in the right direction or will give you the answers that you seek. Learn from any mistakes you might make yet challenge yourself to find that roadmap to your final destination by using a different route or pathway to it.

  • Do you have any tips on using titles or covers?

• Titles are easy… Know your subject, know your story, know your audience, then capture them with an “unforgettable title.” Covers are best handled by those who are an ‘artistic visionary’. I tell them about the book, tell them what I am looking for, show them sketches or ideas that I’ve created , then rely upon those visionary’s to see what I see as our cover image.

  • How do bad reviews and negative feedback affect you and how do you deal with them?

• When speaking of bad reviews, negative feedback or an actual honest opinion that is not trending across the social media wires, I look at it this way… People tend to be Good and they tend to be Bad. In some cases, they tend to be downright Ugly when it comes to reviews or social feedback. Most people do not care what they say or how they say it, or even who they might step upon in their quest to be a negative contributor. You know the type, those behind the scenes folks who are no more than “Internet Warriors” waiting desperately to be recognized as an authority on the subject.

Therefore, I look at it like this… I write articles and books for everyone! Those who are for and those who are against what I have to say! Those who want to accept my book(s) and my stories will do so, while others will blast away at its content, trash its purpose, and speak negatively about my work, regardless of its storyline or recognized accolades. For this, I would not lose any sleep over it. I just live my life the way I want to, not how others want me to live it.

  • How has your creation process improved over time?

• My creation process has improved dramatically over the years. The more I get out to teach, to lecture and to learn from others tends to generate a new creative energy for me. Getting out and doing what I love to do gets my creative blood flowing throughout my written works, and much faster than an “Coffee IV” set at a simple KVO drip rate.

  • What were the best, worst, and most surprising things you encountered during the entire process of completing your book(s)?

• This is what I have encountered while completing my book(s)…

Best – “Interviewing” and “Meeting People” for my book. I love the meet and greets, the sharing of ideas, topics of discussion and the fellowship with others.

Worst – Although I love to research a subject, any subject that peaks my interests, you soon learn that there are downsides to some of the topic materials you are exposed to. Take humanity for instance… There are Good People, Bad People and Yes… there are Very Ugly People out there. Unfortunately, we have to deal with them all when you do the research for a book.

Most Surprising Things – Though I am seldom surprised, having spent a lifetime preparing for the “what I might encounter moments”, I have found that what surprises me most is how easy it is to connect with others who are like-minded in matters relating to the books that I have written or am currently writing.

  • Do you tend towards personal satisfaction or aim to serve your readers? Do you balance the two and how?

• Ah yes, Personal Satisfaction vs. Serving the Reader – IMHO, I believe that “both” is the greatest balance that one could have while writing. If I serve the reader, then I gain a personal satisfaction from it. Yet… I must first be satisfied with my own written works ever before I serve it up to my readers!

  • What role do emotions play in creativity?

• I have written published articles following tragic events that have taken place across our world. 9/11, The Boston Bombing, Mass Shootings, Hate-Filled Marches and much more! Just as I can look at an image or a picture, then write a complete article from that viewpoint, so can I take on the emotions of the moment, creatively writing a story or an op-ed from that experience. With events taking place as they have in our world, writing my ‘Chase The Wolf’ book series were no different in the birthing of my own emotional creativity for these books.

  • Do you have any creativity tricks?

• Reading! I can read one word, one sentence, one paragraph from other written works and get creatively inspired to write more. I can listen to others talk. Sometimes that will trigger my creativity. Pictures! “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Heard that one before? Well its true! Yet for me, one picture probably equates to several thousand words for me to write about… Ask anyone!

  • What are your plans for future books?

• I do have several works in the makings. Some are fresh starts, while others are just old ideas, being dusted off.

  • Tell us some quirky facts about yourself?

• I believe in UFO’s, Ghosts, Paranormal Activities, Haunted Houses and Haunted Graveyards. When I was younger, I read everything I could find back in the 1960’s – 1970’s about UFO’s, Bigfoot Sightings, Ghosts and more! Today, my wife and I have a research institute dedicated to these events, sightings, case studies and paranormal phenomena.

Thank You All For Reading Our Interview!

Dan ‘Chasing Wolf’ Meadows


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