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I’m Julian Ruck (author and columnist). I have done many interviews in TV and radio, not to mention all the columns I have written for the national and regional press – and websites. Politics and so on. Now my books are not about politics (well, that’s being a little restrained I think!). They’re fiction and that that’s. All sorts really, thriller, mystery and love – you have to have a bit of this last one in, to keep all the women  and men on board (I’m all for equality between the sexes)!

What do I write about? Anything that comes to mind really, an oil rig disaster, a Silver Songster (it’s a novel not a documentary!), a Judge who has nowhere to go, and the SAS. I have written seven novels and just completed one, so that’s eight in all. I don’t know anything about writers block, I think its just about the author running out of ideas. That’s my opinion anyway and I don’t run off to any writers courses either. You either can or you can’t and that’s it.

As to creativity, I don’t do much of this. I just sit at my desk and scribble the stuff out. I’ve had a lets just say, a colorful life. I write from personal experience, the law and what have you. Plenty of juicy bits in here I can tell you! As for mistakes, don’t go on and on about something and don’t blind the reader with descriptive shenanigans – we’re not in Dickens territory now, he’s dead now and long gone. More is the pity one might say.

Mistakes? I‘ve made a few but who cares? I’m human and that’s all there is to it. I’ve had numerous negative reviews but it must be said it all comes from the Welsh nationalists. A pity, they’re a sad lot. Nationalism, so what can one say? Well, the drink and women seems to have escaped them, I can’t understand why?! On the surprising side, I haven’t had that much, apart from getting an agent and publisher, I cant say I’ve dribbled with good fortune  at seeing my books standing upright on a book shop shelf. I certainly haven’t become obsessive about it all, its just been a natural progression. From the law to writing. There’s nothing clever about it.

I write for the reader, not myself. I find writing about myself an exercise in delusion. I don’t want to know about ‘me’ and I’m extremely sure that no one else does either! The most important thing in all this, is to tell a story. It doesn’t matter what its about but it does have to have, wait for it, ‘a beginning, a middle and end.’ And come to think of it get a bit of emotion into the novel, it works wonders.

So carry on with the good work and good luck to you!

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