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# Please introduce yourself and your book(s)!

Thank you so much for this opportunity. My author’s pen name is Lali A. Love, and I have published three novels and two poetry anthology award winning books since July 2019. An interesting tidbit about me is that my middle name is actually Love. I am a proud mom of two beautiful Souls who are forging their own incredible paths on this journey. I love to paint, travel, and explore this magical world, capturing beauty through photography.

During the day, I work full time as a Business Transformation Architect, assisting in government policy and strategy development for vulnerable populations. I have always loved writing briefings and presentations, especially focusing on cohesive storytelling. It’s a passion and a creative outlet that I have had since I was a child.

# What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)?

As a multi-genre writer, my mission is to enlighten, empower, and entertain my readers through relatable storytelling. I write inspirational novels about sensitive subject matter around childhood wounding such as abuse, rejection, loss, codependency, mental health, addictions, and feelings of unworthiness.

Bridging metaphysical concepts with visionary fiction, my novels serve as a catalyst for changing conversations around trauma, transformation, overcoming tragedy, self-love, forgiveness, and empowerment. During these difficult times, it’s important to relay gripping stories with diverse, inclusive characters who undergo their own internal struggles in order to heal the shadows within, as the protagonists fight evil with their eternal light.

I am an advocate for children, women, diversity, equality, self-healing journeys, and self-realization. I believe that we are all connected through the powerful energetic force of love. So, everything I write reflects my insights, philosophical experiences, and Soul purpose.

# What inspires/inspired your creativity?

I am a Light Worker and an energy healer. The stories just flowed and needed to be told from the MC’s perspective. In my daytime job, I have the privilege and honor of working with diverse indigenous persons and with non-binary, transgender persons who have relayed their daily struggles and obstacles living in today’s society. I have met and worked with so many incredible, resilient people in the LGBTQ2+ community that have increased my knowledge and inspired me with their stories.

“The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance” is the second novel in the incarnated angel trilogy, and my first book in the young adult category. It is a meld of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction, with a strong appeal to young adult readers (ages 15 years+). It is the first book of the Ascending Angel Academy series, and incorporates plot driven and coming of age stories of diverse, gender inclusive teenagers struggling with self-identity and a sense of belonging. I was inspired to shine a light on societal issues such as anxiety, depression, bullying, body dysmorphia, and external dependencies that our youth are experiencing, through my fictional characters.

The main character Jo (Josephine) is Lilac’s youngest daughter (from my debut novel, Heart of a Warrior Angel) who grows up in the New Age of technology and an insurgence of artificial intelligence matrix. She struggles with her celestial identity at an early age, while navigating through teenage angst and high school issues. Her journey to enlightenment explores her own authentic truth about love, belonging, passion, freedom and becomes the observer of her own celestial metamorphosis. This novel allows readers to understand the emotional turmoil taking place in Jo’s world. It is a story that brilliantly showcases the primordial struggle between light and darkness.

Sixteen-year-old Jo attends Forest Hill Academy, a preppy co-ed private school with her best friends Nisha, Daphne, Reyes, Zaxden, and Flynn. Ever since the fatal night her mother was taken hostage by a homicidal maniac, Jo has been plagued by debilitating nightmares. As she tries to unravel her bleak reality, Jo and her friends discover a mysterious portal into a Black Hole, hidden behind a strange, mirrored door in an eerie underground hallway of the school’s library. Reyes accidently releases the evil that has been imprisoned in this grid-matrix and unknowingly becomes infected with the menacing parasites.

These demons emerge from their shadows and spread throughout the school to gain control over their hosts. One by one, they raise an army of sleepwalkers to serve the Lord of Darkness in a sinister plot for universal domination. As Jo is activated by the Light to realize her truth and ascends from the hall of ignorance, she finds an antiquated Galactic Compass. Jo discovers its interstellar capabilities to time travel through the cosmos, and secures the powerful Akashic Records, stored in a library of multi-dimensional consciousness of every soul since creation.

Primed by the Galactic Council and Ascending Angel Academy, Jo faces heartbreak and accepts a difficult mission to embrace her celestial form. She must unlock the power of creation and prevent the Lord of Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity. Will she be able to decode the artificial system in time to save her friends and the sacred Light?

# What are your plans for future books?

The second book in the Ascending Angel Academy Series, Blade of Truth, is launching on July 7th, 2021. The journey to enlightenment hastens as the eternal struggle between good and evil intensifies in the parallel timelines. The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth, examines the concepts of telepathy, shapeshifting, and time travel to understand the Galactic Battles between the sacred Light and Darkness since the beginning of time. The main character, Jo, has to fulfill her second mission on Earth to pass the hall of learning stage of ascension and mastery, while saving mother earth from being hijacked by evil forces.

The book incorporates self-realization modalities while dissolving the veil of judgment, toxicity, and eradicating mind control systems with the truth, clearing timelines and old grids patterns with ancient stargate light codes.

Gaia is perishing. Methodically poisoned, she sounds the alarm and activates the StarSeed Quest to save planet Earth from the Wizard of Bondage, who is determined to hijack humanity’s existence using psychic warfare.

Roma, a Custodian of the Galaxy, is imprisoned on a remote island by dark forces loyal to the Wizard. She telepathically communicates with Jo to guide her perilous mission on a school trip to the Canary Islands. While Jo and her friends learn the truth about the Ancient Galactic Wars, they are targeted by shapeshifting assassins and lured to a compound where Darkness reigns.

Emotions, Reality, and Timelines collide as Jo is thrust into the center of an epic cosmic reboot. Will the Blade of Truth devour her Soul? Will the balance between light and dark finally shift?

# What were the best, worst and most surprising things you encountered during the entire process of completing your book(s)?

I have learned that writing the story is just the beginning of creating your book and it is definitely the best in the creative process. As an indie writer, the most surprising lesson was the level of effort required for marketing. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and a huge amount of energy to publish, sell, and promote your work. Just managing my social media platforms alone is another full-time job. The worst lesson for me was the realization that I had to invest in editing services, on every level, even after receiving incredible feedback from beta readers.

So, thank you to all indie writers out there, I honor your journey and respect the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your books. It’s so important to be kind and provide feedback through book reviews, and it doesn’t always have to be 4 or 5 stars. I have learned so much from constructive criticism and different viewpoints, I am always grateful for book reviews, they are critical for a writer.

# Do you tend towards personal satisfaction or aim to serve your readers? Do you balance the two and how?

My hope and intentions with every book are to serve my reader. We all want our book babies to become Best Sellers eventually, but I wanted to write unique fictional stories that create a beautiful tapestry of emotions, mysticism and quantum physics that would inspire readers.

My books examine the fundamental nature of reality, existence, and the power of the Universal Laws of Energy. Through the use of metaphysics and energy transmutation, the protagonists expose evil out of the shadows and bring the truth into the light with self-love, vulnerability, and acceptance, to live in freedom, peace, and in harmony with the universe.

I am able to use my knowledge and research of this philosophy to balance my personal goals, linking concepts of reality, including the relationship between mind, matter, and consciousness into visionary self-actualization storylines. It provides a thought-provoking alternative to an entertaining fantasy or thriller.

I hope readers enjoy my niche genres and are taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from the pits of darkness into the warm radiance of light and love. If my books resonate with one person to begin healing their internal conflict and realize that they have the power and pure potentiality to manifest the reality their heart desires through the transformation of self-love, I will have achieved my calling through the poetic instrument of storytelling. May it be blessed.

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