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# Please introduce yourself and your book(s)!

I’m Lynda Rees, The Murder Guru, author of romantic mysteries and suspense.

I live with the hero of my story, extremely supportive Hunky Hubby, on a small horse farm between Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky. The community is so small that people notice when I’m gone. We share our home with a rescued, bottle-fed blind cat, Tigger; Marty, a sexually confused donkey named for the character in Back to the Future; and several horses who have earned their retirement.

After a corporate career in marketing, global transportation and real estate I succumbed to my passion for writing and pursued getting my works published. Born in a mining town in Eastern Kentucky we moved to Northern KY where I grew up among mobster families who controlled the entertainment industry in the area at the time. Newport, Kentucky was a mecca for sin and corruption, where the rich and famous came to entertain and be entertained—the Las Vegas before Vegas was conceived. Kentucky is known for bourbon, beautiful women and fast horses. I’m an avid fan of horse racing. You will find my books include lots of bourbon and horses, wherever they fit naturally.

My latest publications are Flip or Flop, Murder House which launched 4/1/23 and Fresh Starts, Dirty Money which launches 6/1/23.

# What is/are the story(ies) behind your book(s)?

I write about strong women who are tested when they end up in dire circumstances. My latest two books, along with a few past ones, are about starting over. I know from experience a few things about leaving everything and everyone you know and love behind in search of a better life. I hope my books inspire others to live their best lives and know it’s possible to create the life you want. Flip or Flop, Murder House launched 4/1/23, and Fresh Starts, Dirty Money comes out 6/1/23. Both are to become series.

by Multi-Award-Winning Author Lynda Rees,
The Murder Guru
Charli Owens’ murder house renovation is supposed to save her from financial ruin if it doesn’t kill her first. More than corpses pile up, forcing Charli and neighboring contractor Eli Lange together as they unravel a history of death, corruption, and deceit.

# Tell us a little about your next release.


by Multi-Award-Winning Author Lynda Rees, The Murder Guru

With a fresh MBA and fabulous job, Bree leaves her cheating husband and backwoods home for the big city. Snarky Police Chief Rex takes his tragic morning out on her when Bree’s vehicle blocks rush hour traffic. A theft brings the two together, but their budding romance is interrupted when Bree is suspected in a brutal slaying, and her sleuthing makes her a target.

# Where can our readers find Flip or Flop, Murder House and Fresh Starts, Dirty Money?

They are available in at all book retailers in eBook and print at the following links and will come out in the summer of 2023 in audiobook.

Flip or Flop, Murder House LINKS:


BOOKS – Flip or Flop, Murder House (


Fresh Starts, Dirty Money LINKS:



Flip or Flop, Murder House:

Fresh Starts, Dirty Money:

# What inspires/inspired your creativity?

So many stories pop into my head. I’m always wondering, “What if.” I cannot stop writing. Characters even invade my mind as I try to drift off to sleep. They must be put onto the page.

# How do you deal with creative block?

My problem is just the opposite. I have so many stories in my head pushing me to get them on ‘paper,’ lack of time is the main cause of my stress. When I suffer burnout, I go for a walk in the woods, go fishing, take a swim, or play with my grandchildren and come back refreshed.

# What are the biggest mistakes you can make in a book?

In order for a reader to thoroughly become engrossed in the story the writing must be properly edited. A professionally designed cover is essential. It’s the first impression someone sees, so it must have grabbing power. You have about 3 seconds to get the reader’s attention. It should speak to the story and genre. Writing is more than telling a story. It’s about bringing the reader into the character’s world and keeping them there.

# How has your creation process improved over time?

I’ve learned from my peers and from readers. Continual education on craft and the industry is fundamental to creating enthralling stories readers can’t put down.

# What role do emotions play in creativity?

Emotions need to be shown by words, thoughts and actions, so the reader feels deeply for the character. They need to love them, root for them, and sometimes hate them. They need to be drawn into the character’s world, experiencing their lives. I’m deeply involved with my characters and their plights. As I their hidden secrets are revealed to me, they sometimes take stories in new directions. I love them. They’re my babies, my people.

# What are your plans for future books?

Flip or Flop and Fresh Starts and Dirty Money are two totally different stories, the first in two new series.

Two of my non-fiction books will be published later this year:

American Dream—Own A Home

Become an Everyday Millionaire

# Tell us some quirky facts about yourself.

I’m a compulsive learner and take classes in unusual things. I’m a Reiki Master and a Certified Hypnotist.

I’ve traveled the world and worked with the heads of many large international businesses and foreign officials. I adore working with people from other cultures.

My father and all the men from my family were coal miners in Eastern Kentucky. My grandfather was Cherokee.

I believe in ghosts, aliens, ESP, reincarnation, and some other paranormal concepts, from experience. I rarely write about the supernatural; though Lemon Sage Benton from The Bloodline Series, starting with Book 1, Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine, was born in a commune, the daughter of two hippies, and she becomes an organic farmer returning to her roots.

Dear Reader,

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Love is a dangerous mystery! Enjoy the ride.


Lynda Rees, The Murder Guru
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Charli and Eli This mystery suspense was awesome! There was danger, romance, family, friends, and a couple of cold cases. I enjoyed the story. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Bookladyteri/Terimom2k

Recommended Flip or Flop Murder House by Linda Rees
Charli and Eli – This mystery suspense was awesome! There was danger, romance, family, friends, and a couple of cold cases. I enjoyed the story. terimom2k


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