“Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” and “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series

By Evan Mahoney

What do you get when you combine Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung’s Archetypes, Meditation, and the theories of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine? “Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” is a fascinating hybrid of Classical Western Thought and Eastern Meditation for better understanding and interpretation one’s dreams. Part psycho – somatic blending of the physical influencing dreams and dreams influencing the physical and part pure emotional / spiritual/ psychological exploration based upon the three levels of human needs of Saam Meditation. The goal is to achieve Jung’s state of Individuation, the highest level of perfection in the physical/ psychological realms.

We build on Sigmund Freud’s signature statement from his The Interpretation of Dreams “What is common in all these dreams is obvious. They completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized. They are simply and undisguisedly realizations of wishes,” and combine it with Saam Meditation’s Three Levels of Human Needs (wishes).

1st level of human needs – basic necessities – food, money, and material possessions
Satisfaction with these is associated with the Lung (Money, Material Possessions, as in the establishment of one’s homeland) and Spleen (Having enough Food)

2nd level of human needs – Relationships, Romanticl
Satisfaction with these is associated with the Heart (Romantic, Aesthetic) and Kidney.

3rd level of human needs– Achievements, Prestige, Knowledge, Power
Satisfaction with these is associated with the Pericardium (Knowledge, Intellect) and Liver (Power, Prestige, and Fame)

Each of these levels of human needs represents characteristics of specific human organs in Saam Meditation which are the Spleen, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Liver, and Pericardium. Thus combining the psycho/ spiritual/ emotional with the physical “Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” opens up a whole new field in the interpretation of dreams and the convergence of eastern and western thought.

“Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” is a later book in the “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series, which affords an amazing new experience and journey of meditation into the mind and body. With Saam Meditation two or four point prescriptions are used with points solely located on the arms (from elbow to fingers) and legs from (knees to toes). These distal points coincide with the some of the most heavily innervated areas of the body, thus strongly stimulating the brain and cerebrum. There are prescriptions for each of the 12 internal organs which enables one to target a specific area, organ, or problem with precision powerful healing meditation.

Saam Meditation is based off a 500 year old traditional Korean Acupuncture / Meditation technique. Saam means “cave dweller”. Saam was a high priest and physician who according to legend discovered the mystery of acupuncture through meditation. His technique was revived by Korean doctors in the 1980’s and has begun its spread around the world.

This is a meditation that focuses upon the physical sensation of Qi as it moves its way through the body. Qi, loosely translated pertains to energy though it is more substantial than just that. The practitioners of Tai Qi and Qi Gong do very slow moving meditative exercises to gain awareness and grow their Qi. In the beginning it may be just a slight sensation of something independently moving in the body. Almost like an out of body experience, but inside. “Cultivate your garden of Qi” is a Tai Qi saying, indicating the gradual growth and lushness of what began as just a seedling. Qi is a major theoretical principle in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. “When Qi is moving, there is no pain or disease.” “When Qi is deficient or stagnates there becomes pain and illness.”

As any Tai Qi or Qi Gong practitioner will tell you. Gaining awareness of Qi is an amazing experience. Dr. Evan Mahoney gained his experience of Qi through meditation of acupuncture points from treatments he was undergoing to recover from a long standing illness. He was able to gain control and subside his illness through this meditation of Qi. Soon after he enrolled in acupuncture school whereby fate of coincidence he was to study Saam Acupuncture with the only teacher teaching it in the United States.

Dr. Evan Mahoney developed a strong affinity for Saam Acupuncture and became convinced this is the exact wqm3 meditation that the monk Saam was doing almost 500 years ago. His first book “Saam Medical Meditation: A Transcendental Acupuncture Experience” explains and explores that connection in great detail. In it is a practical manual for each of the meditations (including picture point locations) of the twelve major internal organs and instructions on how to meditate.

“Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” is the third book in the series and explores most closely how the three levels of human needs (as well as other acupuncture principles) are affected in dreams. When one identifies which level of human need they are dreaming they can then immediately apply the appropriate organ meditation which is where one’s Qi is most strongly gathered at that moment of the dream.

By doing this meditation immediately upon one’s dreams it affords the mind and body to grow and move forward towards the ultimate goal which is Jung’s “Individuation”. One’s dreams will become more pleasant and one’s life too will become more pleasant. Pleasant Dreams = Pleasant Life.

Experience for yourself what could be the most remarkable journey you will ever undertake, all in comfortable repose of meditation. “Saam Meditation: The Interpretation of Dreams” is part of the “Saam Medical Meditation” ebook series available at Amazon.com

Enjoy. Sincerely.
Dr. Evan Mahoney

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