Thoughts on Pendulum Dowsing Part II

Thoughts on Pendulum Dowsing – Part II

My Ten- Step Dowsing Process

Dan Baldwin

I developed this process after studying a number of books, consulting other dowsers, and experiencing a lot of trial and error. There’s no magic in the formula; it’s just a process that works. After mastering them, you can adapt them to whatever process works best for you.

Step #1 – Set the Environment

The more peaceful and quiet your environment, the better. I close the blinds in my office and use only a single table lamp for illumination, dim the lights, play the music, and light a scented candle just to block as much of the outside world interference as possible. If the lights were up, I could easily be distracted by a sudden glance at a book cover or a photograph hanging on my wall. If the blinds were open, I could lose concentration when a neighbor walks by, a bird lands in the tree across the street, or when anything interesting happens on the other side of the glass. The music helps drown out street noise, planes landing in the nearby airport, and the practice sessions of “Eight Guys with Banjos and Gus on Tuba” in the garage next door.

Step #2 – Pray In

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is essential that you pray in. Those who have religious beliefs know who to talk to: God, Goddess, Gaia, the universe, the ancestors, or The Great Big Nice Pink Something InThe Sky. Pray in to the Higher Power, however you may view that power. If you’re agnostic, address your Higher Self or to your subconscious mind.

Praying in aligns you with the positive forces that allow you to do good work. It is a recognition that you are a part of something bigger than yourself and a willing participant in the process of making that something bigger something better.

Keep it short and to the point. There’s no reason to build a ceremony around praying in.

Step # 3 – Meditate

Ten to twenty minutes of quiet meditation helps calm the mind and relax the body so that you can concentrate on the upcoming work. Occasionally, I meditate on the subject I am about to dowse, but that is rare. It’s a bit of putting the cart before the horse. Generally, I just meditate on relaxation and connecting with my higher self.

Step #4 – Psychic Protection and Clearing

Without getting metaphysical on you, it’s important to recognize that there are negative forces at work in the universe. How you define those forces is, to me, irrelevant. The important matter is that you recognize their existence and take appropriate steps to protect yourself from them while doing pendulum work.

I prefer the proven standby of visualizing myself surrounded by a sphere of pure white light through which no negative forces can enter. A line borrowed from psychic John Edward reinforces that image, “I am surrounded by the pure white light of God’s divine and protective love.” Psychic protection can be that fast and that simple.

Some people visualize themselves within a fortress, a battleship or an armored tank. Some people visualize themselves in an entirely different yet safe environment, such as mom’s kitchen where cookies are baking and everything is safe and secure.

Step #5 – Set the Intention

Focus is essential for all pendulum work and stating your intention in clear language is essential to effective dowsing.

Praying in is not setting your intention. “Oh, Lord, please don’t let me foul up” is not the same as “My goal is to find my lost wedding ring before Binky comes home.”

Set your intention in specific language and without ornamentation. Remember that famous KISS rule. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Then, get to work.

            Step #6 – Ask the Questions

This is where you ask the three key questions:

“Can I?”

“May I?”

“Should I?”

I suggest two additional questions to ask before you begin.

“Will I Get Accurate Answers Now?”

If the answer is “no,” consider putting off the session until a later time if possible.

If you’re not going to get accurate answers, what is the point of dowsing at this time? Note that you can dowse the reason for the inaccuracy and that you may be able to use your pendulum to remove that block or interference and then start dowsing knowing you will then get accurate answers.

“Is dowsing for this answer for the highest good?”

Sometimes the greatest good is served by not dowsing and moving on to something else.

Step #7 – Remain Positive

Dowsing is slow, often tedious work and it’s easy to become ground down by the process. Even the best and most experienced dowsers have to work hard at getting consistently accurate answers. It is essential that you remain positive throughout the process

Step #8 – Assume Nothing

The only thing blocking the pathway from the Higher Power to your subconscious to the finger muscles that move your pendulum is your conscious mind. Assuming the answer, even if that answer appears to be blatantly obvious, affects the quality of your dowsing – usually in a negative manner. Avoid thinking about the answer before and during your process.

Step #9 – Do the Work

Once you’ve covered the preceding steps, you’re ready to start dowsing.

If you’re dowsing something significant, such as the location of a missing person, realize that you may have to conduct several sessions to arrive at the correct answer. Different sessions may produce different results

Verify the accuracy of your dowsing report by asking about that accuracy. Percentage charts, such as a pie chart, come in handy. I verify my accuracy periodically throughout each session. When the accuracy starts dropping, that’s an indication that it’s probably time to give things a rest.

Step #10 – Disengage

At the end of a session I make a conscious effort to disengage from the process. Simply state, “I disengage from this process (session/effort) now.” I have trained my mind so that I just think the word disengage at the end of a session and that’s it.


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