A Psychic’s Call To Law Enforcement

A Call to Law Enforcement Agencies:

Consider Vetted Psychics as First Responders


Dan Baldwin

Law enforcement and related agencies should consider groups with vetted psychics a first responder when someone goes missing or when a crime is committed. It doesn’t make sense to ignore a valuable and proven resource until all other avenues have been exhausted. The hesitation some law enforcement personnel have about working with psychics is understandable, but not rational. It’s easy to determine whether or not a psychic group is a bunch of ambulance chasers or a dedicated group of investigators. Just ask about their policies, procedures and codes of conduct. Serious groups will be happy to discuss how they can best work with your organization.

Psychic detecting works. As former law enforcement officer and private investigator Steven C. Kopp wrote, “During my thirty-five years of work in both the public and private sectors, I have made use of psychic resources on hundreds of investigations. Overall, my success in locating missing individuals has improved dramatically since first using a psychic resource in 1985.”

   The authorities readily accept and act upon anonymous information, such as a phone call or an email. Certainly information provided by a team of experts in their fields working directly on a specific case should be given the same consideration.

The people in a professional psychic group know to work exclusively through the appropriate legal authority even when they’ve been called in by families. They will know to provide information to your organization and not to divulge important information about an on-going case to family and friends. They’ll also know the importance of confidentiality and managing information when approached by the news media. Knowledgeable groups will provide a single contact who can “talk cop” to work with the authorities handling the case. The goal is to solve the crime, find the missing person, and help bring the guilty to justice. Serious psychics will not interfere with an investigation; they will augment and enhance it. Law enforcement agencies should consider people with psychic gifts as tools of the trade. People with these gifts should be allowed and encouraged to use them. That is especially true when those people have organized themselves into an effective team. You should welcome help and insight from all reliable sources.

Talented and vetted psychics are reliable sources. If you share one of the following beliefs, reconsider your opinion.

“We don’t believe in psychics.”

“We have never heard of a case being solved by psychics.”

“We are concerned about public opinion.”

“We just don’t want to go there.”

Dedicated psychics want to change those attitudes. If you’ve never used a psychic, or met a psychic, or researched cases that psychics have worked on and solved, then how can you make those assessments? It makes zero sense to take a position like that without knowing anything about the process.

If you’re approached by a psychic group, give them a trial run. You have nothing to lose. If they come up with nothing, you’re no worse off. If they provide valuable information, however, you are significantly closer to solving your case. Again, even if you are a skeptic, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t let ignorance, ego or lack of knowledge keep you from accepting potentially valuable information.

More law enforcement agencies are willing to work with psychics than ever. While working with a retired New York City detective on a missing-person case in Florida, one researcher was told, “I’ll take information from the devil if I can find a missing child.” During another missing-person investigation, in Arizona, an FBI agent stated, “I have never solved an investigation on my own and can always use some help.” An Arizona police detective told me, “Off the record, my biggest case last year was solved by a psychic.”

If you’re considering working with psychics, you’re not as alone as you may think. Doors and minds are opening. More and more people and organizations are seeking out vetted psychic detectives and finding them a valuable resource in finding missing persons and solving crimes.

Most psychics aren’t asking you to believe in this type of phenomenon. They’re not in the missionary business. They just want to provide information to help you with your cases. Accept the gift for what it is. Accept the information and see if it parallels facts that you’re already aware of in your investigation. Secondly, if your investigation is going nowhere, then look at the psychic information as potential new leads or clues that may help solve your investigation.

Provide feedback so that the psychics can continue to hone our skills and improve our work. If there is a single, overriding complaint expressed by psychic detectives and members of psychic groups, it’s the lack of feedback. They understand the legal reasons for withholding some information during an ongoing investigation, but at some point that information can be shared. It should be shared so they will know where they were on target and where they were not. That kind of information is invaluable in helping the psychics evaluate and improve their skills. It also helps the group to improve its processes and methods of working with the authorities

Don’t sit on potentially valuable information, regardless of the reception you think you might receive. Lives could be at stake. Even if you’re skeptical, consider the words of Sir James Dewar: “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.”


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